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Celebrating 25 Years!

It is with great pleasure and deep emotion that I write this newsletter marking the 25th Anniversary of Alex’s passing and the creation of the Alex Tanous Foundation.  We have come so far since the first days of sifting through the vast amount of research that Alex had devoted his life to!  We are extremely proud of the work that he created and the Foundation that he saw begin before his transition.

We have and continue to celebrate the 25th year in many ways

  • 25th Annual Meeting in April and luncheon in honor of Alex
  • In May a long overdue visit to the American Society for Psychical Research in New York City by our Researcher Cal Cooper and Vice-President of the Board Bill Tanous
  •  In June a trip to Alex’s hometown Van Buren, Maine to award the high school scholarship
  • Sixth Annual Relay for Life “Tanous Foundation Team”
  • A Mass at the Cathedral in Portland in honor of Alex on July 7
  • Family & Foundation Night at the Sea Dogs baseball game
  • There will be articles posted this coming year from several colleagues in remembrance of Alex, be on the lookout for those to come!


A Summer of Giving

At our 25th Annual Meeting we were pleased to announce the following Scholarships & Grants:
  • The Rhine Center (Alex Tanous Memorial Library) John Kruth, Executive Director wrote that  “This donation will help the Rhine to continue with a number of different projects including the efforts to enhance the quality and reliability of the online events and educations programs.  It enables the Alex Tanous Library at the Rhine to purchase additional books and to keep the collection of books current as well as continued research efforts exploring the nature of energetic healing and psi ability.”
  • The University of Southern Maine (Professional & Continuing Education) Susan Nevins, Director of Programs and Services wrote “Please thank the Board for not only renewing their contribution!  We are very fortunate to be able to offer students this opportunity to attend programs for their personal and professional growth.  We’ve never had such a fund before and it really increases the value of our programs to be able to make them accessible for students who need support.  I hope Alex would be happy”
  • Callum Cooper (PhD Candidate & Lecturer, Psychology Division, University of Northampton)  Cal Cooper has been a most wonderful addition to the Foundation and the work that he has researched on Alex over the past four years has been phenomenal!  He has produced, published, written, posted, re-published, lectured, about Alex Tanous, the Foundation and his own work that has been a blessing to us all!  Cal will be taking on so many more projects in the next year and beyond some of which include:  “Paracoustics:  Sounds and the Paranormal”, “Paranormal Psychotherapy” transcribing for possible publication, preparing documents to produce a book regarding psychic phenomena and related experiences in Egypt including Alex’s time there.  Personal archiving of Dr. Tanous’ material.  And finally another lecture on Dr. Tanous’ work at various events notably for the Society for Psychical Research in London and once again at the Rhine Research Center.
  • Van Buren High School (Alex Tanous Scholarship) This year the student who received the award was Shania Gagnon, and she is attending the University of Maine-Farmington.  Her major is Biology with Pre Med.

Look What’s New

Welcome new board member Laura Lee Perkins, CM! Laura is a certified medium and a spiritual writer, educator and musician who exhibits a passion for life. Her career has included teaching at all educational levels. She has been awarded 5 Artist-in-Residencies and 11 grants for her work. A winner in the Writers’ Digest Awards’ Inspirational category, she has authored 7 books and 150+ published articles. Perkins’ flute playing is featured on 10 professional CDs and 3 audio books, but she is most widely known for her engaging teaching style. Her most recent book is “Lighting Your Spiritual Passion.” She holds a Bachelor of Music degree and a Masters in Counseling.

New Material in the Media Library!  Please check back often to our Online Library which has been updated over the summer by Alex’s great niece Casey Kelley!  Casey is a Psychology major at Stetson University and is very interested in Alex’s work, she will continue to load more material over the course of the year.

Cal Cooper’s Lecture!  Finally a link to the lecture that Cal gave at Duke University titled “The Ghost Counsellor” on August 22, 2014 please follow this link and enjoy!

Please visit for up-to-date events held at the Alex Tanous Memorial Library.


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