The Alex Tanous Scholarship Award is designed to offer assistance to a student attending an accredited college, university or who is participating in a Certificate in Parapsychological Studies program and or a Researcher who wishes to pursue the academic study and or research of the science related in the areas of physical and spiritual development including, but not limited to the development of creativity, creativity and healing and the teaching of creativity as well as research of anomalies, power of the mind/will, or sponsorship or co-sponsorship of a Conference/Study Group related to the areas stated above.

Applicants must demonstrate a previous interest in the stated fields.  A letter of reference is also required from an individual who is familiar with the applicant’s work and or studies or a detailed description of the conference to be sponsored. Final products including essays written, blogs or research may be submitted to the Alex Tanous Foundation as part of our mission to further the research and disseminate the work through the Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research.

Applications are accepted on a rolling process, please submit to Alex Tanous Foundation P.O. Box 3818 Portland, Maine  04104-3818 or

“It is the dawn of a new day whose rays give us a message and reality built on perception, intuition and healing.”

Alex Tanous Scholarship Award: How it Helped My Research

By: Callum Cooper

When I was first informed that I had been accepted as the recipient of the Alex Tanous Scholarship Award, I was delighted. In fact, words can’t describe how good it can feel to have your work recognised by means of an award, in a field of research such as parapsychology, which receives very little financial backing as a science. As a result of this, often, those involved in the field will self-fund their efforts where possible and be highly passionate about their studies and research, sometimes I feel this is the only thing which keeps most, if not all parapsychologists involved.

My first Alex Tanous Scholarship Award was presented to me during the end of my post-graduate research, while I was a Masters student. At that time I had also been studying anomalous telephone call experiences, which involved collecting and investigating such accounts. I began investigating such accounts in 2009, and subsequently published a few papers on the topic. The award money allowed me to purchase books and other texts that I would not normally be able to afford. Just after I received the Tanous Scholarship Award, I decided to compile all of my work into a new book entitled Telephone Calls from the Dead (Tricorn Books, 2012), which I hope will be accepted as a useful revised edition of the original book: Phone Calls from the Dead (by D. Scott Rogo and Raymond Bayless, 1979).

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