There are so many memories from the start of the Foundation by our Founder Alex Tanous to the organization of the vast amounts of research that he left behind.  With this research we developed an Online Library where not only Researchers but anyone can access the work! In 2003 the Foundation collaborated with the Rhine Research Center and created the Alex Tanous Memorial Library in North Carolina, where many wonderful events happen.  We have also celebrated our milestone years with awarding several Researchers grant funds for further development of work in the field as well as the local university and the ASPR to help the continuation of providing education to all.  Finding Cal Cooper has proven to be one of the greatest achievements for the Foundation, Cal has researched, written essays, published books and articles as well as lecturing and presenting on Alex Tanous’ life and work as well as his own which all aligns with the continuation of work into the Paranormal field.

What is your role within the Foundation? And what kinds of correspondence does the Alex Tanous Foundation receive?

My role within the Foundation is Research Assistant which really means “jack of all”!  I am the only paid staff person at the Foundation and I do everything from general clerical duties to correspondence, communications, social media, newsletter and providing information packets per requests.  I also am the keeper of the Archive, the material that was left by Dr. Tanous, his life’s work which includes a vast amount of written, audio, video as well as a full library of books.
The Foundation receives many different types of correspondence from letters to e-mail messages as well as Facebook messages.  People will ask for resources to help them with a particular issue or just material on Dr. Tanous and his work.  We also will receive memoirs from folks who knew Alex either by his work or teachings which some stories are so wonderful to hear and many are shared in our newsletter.

Did Alex ever get you involved in studies of ESP?

Not so much the actual study of it but more so he would engage us in different ESP games and tests.   When I was young and Alex would visit my parents home, my siblings and I always wanted “Uncle Al” to do some fun ESP card games as well as a game with a ball of light that he had in his hand.  It was very interesting and we always wanted him to do more activities with us when he visited.

What reports of Alex’s abilities stand out to you the most and why?

There are sooo many! But one that always comes to mind is the Out-of-Body experience that Alex had when he visited his close friend Ellsworth De Merchant in Canada one cold, snowy, winter evening.  This was a “landmark” case that was completely documented by both parties and published in detail. This case became so well known and so many researchers in the field used the information to move forward in conducting further studies into Out-of-Body work, this was the start of continued work for Dr. Tanous.
Another one that comes to mind is the “Dandy Estate” case in upstate New York where Alex was invited to do a walk through with a Priest named Father Talbot. This home had continuous reports of haunting over many years and the family asked for several professionals to come into the home to investigate what was happening.  This case as well continued to be looked at by many researchers in the field, had been published in many articles as well as recreated into a documentary on the Discovery Channel.  This case opened the doors for much further hands-on study as well as publications into haunting’s and apparitions.
The prediction of John Lennon’s death in December 1980 was another case of Alex’s ability that will forever standout.  He was quoted several weeks prior to the murder of John Lennon, stating that “a famous person would be slain in New York City”.  Alex was quoted on his predictions very often and with this one being accurate he continued to make predictions as requested by many.

Now in the 26th year of the Alex Tanous Foundation, is there anything you would like to say to researchers unfamiliar with Dr. Tanous’ work, or new students to the field of parapsychology?

I would tell any unfamiliar researchers, new students, and whomever else that has interest in this field that Alex Tanous was simply ahead of his time, a pioneer into the field of parapsychology as well as related fields.  He had studied, researched, published, taught and lectured on topics that people are learning about today.  We have a vast amount of material in our Archive and I would invite one and all to explore, read, watch and learn about the work that he begun for all to carry on.

The Alex Tanous Foundation History

The Tanous Foundation was formed in March 1990, with the primary intention for the foundation to conduct scientific research in areas related to physical and spiritual development. Specifically, Tanous wanted to focus on creativity. He wanted the foundation to support work and research in the development of creativity, creativity and healing, and the teaching of creativity.

The Foundation continues its mission to further the lifelong work and teachings of Dr.Alex Tanous. With the goal being to increase public access to Dr. Tanous’ lectures and writings by making this information readily available and accessible through a variety of mediums.
The Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research was created in March of 1990; founded by the late Dr. Alexander Tanous. His vision was for eternal continuation of his teachings and research through the Foundation. It was his will that the Foundation conduct scientific research in areas related to physical and spiritual development including, but not limited to, the development of creativity, creativity and healing, and the teaching of creativity.

Dr. Tanous once said, “To have success in our lives we must create our own destiny and have the will to do so.” In this phrase Dr. Tanous referred to outside influences in our lives. He believed that individuals know what they want in their lives and that each person can create this within themselves.

Here at the Foundation our goal is to bring this same success as Dr. Tanous spoke about through his teachings and make this accessible to you through his courses on DVD, Video, Cassette and Booklets.
Dr. Tanous had a true connection to his roots, he believed in “destiny” not “chance”. He believed that each and every young person today has the will to be the creator of their own destiny and that they can accomplish what they plan to do.
The Foundation has:
• Sponsored creativity lectures, film series, workshops, and panel discussions.
• Created the Alex Tanous Foundation “Media Library” of Archives.
• Published books by Dr. Tanous “Dreams, Symbols & Psychic Powers”, republished “Understanding Your Childs’ Psychic Abilities” and the new release of “Conversations with Ghosts”
• Donated to the Cancer Center Research Foundation in Maine
• Publishes quarterly Newsletter, “The Light”
• Funded a research project into the life of Dr. Tanous
• Funded the creation of The Alex Tanous Library at the Rhine Center in North Carolina
• Created a yearly Research Award that is granted by the Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Tanous was a pioneer in his work and was very much ahead of his time, he once said “We are on the frontier of a new age, the last frontier, the frontier of the spirit.”
Having his continued spirit within each of us, his family, friends, colleagues and his Foundation are called upon to keep his spirit of love, friendship and the continued search to improve the power within ourselves.  With this, the creation of the Alex Tanous Memorial Scholarship began and it is with great pleasure to announce this year’s recipient of the award

Recollections of Experience

Theresa Tanous Rodriguez (Alex’s neice) had a visit from Alex about a month after he past away.  In August 1990 she was at the home of her parents Wakine & Anna Tanous in East Millinocket, Maine where Alex had spent many summers and all holidays.  She had just fallen asleep in the back bedroom and she awokened to his face looking at her, he was telling her that things were ok but it frightened her and she screamed!

From Mrs. Mary L. Pawlowski of Portland Maine: Once during a fund-raiser on 28th April, 1970, for an antidrug program in Machias, Maine, someone in the audience asked Dr. Tanous if he could put out all the lights in the high school auditorium. “I don’t know”, he replied, “but I’ll give it a try”. Alex stared at a glowing bulb, as if to draw energy from it. “Lights Out!” he commanded, and moments later the hall was pitch-black, and so were all the rooms in the school. For nearly a minute, there wasn’t a burning light in the town of Machias – a total power failure. “Afterward”, wrote Tanous, “I was interviewed by the local radio station. I could not explain what happened. But I was sure I had caused it.”