The Power of Creative Living (Audio lecture)

The Power of Creative Living (Audio lecture)


A subject that Dr. Tanous meditated on for virtually his entire life, discover the theory of the power of creative living and learn how to utilize it in your daily life.


This is a class that Dr. Tanous lectured on and taught in theory his entire life. It was one of his most powerful classes that changed the lives of hundreds of people. Dr. Tanous taught his students to utilize the theory of the Power of Creative Living in their daily lives. He felt that each one of us has a choice within, as to how we will live our lives; and how we can make the changes that are needed in order to carry on in our paths and be happier. This lecture deals with you as a person unlike many of the classes that we take. That is what made this class so different and so special as each individual in the world is.

Price: $10.00