Beyond Coincidence (Book)

Beyond Coincidence (Book)


Meet Dr. Alex Tanous, from a prophetic childhood to becoming one of the country’s most articulate and provocative psychics.


From a prophetic childhood to his position today as one of this country’s most articulate and provocative psychics, this thoughtful autobiography is crammed with documentary evidence of firsthand corroboration as well as scientific verification.

Rarely has a psychic ability been used in so many ways: clairvoyance, helping the police solve crimes, psychic diagnosis and healing, strange relationships to light (auras, blackout of light bulbs, the blacking out of an entire town, image projection, projecting light balls into his hands), telepathic communication, contacts with ghosts and spirits…

As a national celebrity, Dr. Tanous has made hundreds of predictions, both personal and private, on the radio and television, as well as in the newspapers–all documented and corroborated– and in this book he tells how it all came about, and how you might learn to duplicate some of his extraordinary feats.

Tanous, Alex and Ardman, Harvey, Doubleday, 1976.

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