Published: March 13, 2015

A Musical Man

Music production was just another innate talent of Dr. Alex Tanous. He not only studied the field of Parapsychology, Healing, Remote Viewing, Ghosts and Creative Living but was also a self-taught musician. He wrote, sang and produced many songs during his early years and during his time in the military.

Dr. Tanous was stationed at Fort Devens in Massachusetts where he showed that he was musically inclined and it was known that this occurred even before he could read. He began writing poetry at age ll. In 1948 Tanous became serious about the business of writing music, his first song was featured in a musical touring Maine and Canada.

By 1966 he cut his first four songs for Chaplet Record Corp as he co-wrote and arranged all the songs titled: “I Said Goodbye”, “Don’t Tell Me Now”, “There’s a Big Difference My Love”, and “If I Sent A Rose To You.” The records were released in early September of that year and the reviews voted that they would be the tunes most likely to succeed!

The records were a result of a lengthy research and experimentation in the development of an electronic process, which transformed Alex’s voice. The recording performance took in a depth of a new sound, which was called by him “In Sound” and still preserved the artistic performance.

He also went on to win religious musical awards for his “Mass in Jazz” and he held Le Grand Prix de France for his “America in Jazz”, as well as writing and arranging many songs for top artists in the country.

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