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See the Events Calendar on the Rhine website for a full list of events, but here are some of the highlights:

March 11: 2pm lecture on Medical Uses of Dreaming at the Rhine

7pm Dream Movie Night at the Rhine: Inception

March 12: Afternoon research meeting 3:30 – 5pm

March 15: Workshop – Sharing Dreams with Judy Gardiner (space is very limited)

March 17: Monthly Dream Discussion Group Meeting

March 18: 2pm lecture on Dreams, Therapy, and Psi at the Rhine

March 19: Afternoon research meeting

March 21: Diane Brandon – Using Dreams in your Daily Life

March 22: Bob Trowbridge Workshop

March 24: Dream Movie Night at the Rhine

March 25: 2pm Tribute to Bob Van de Castle at the Rhine

March 26: Afternoon research meeting

March 29: Support the Rhine Dream at the Millennium Ballroom.
hor d’oeuvres, Wine, and Entertainment with Swami Beyondananda

Thursday Evenings in March: ONLINE Dream course from the Rhine Education Center.

Certificates Available from the Rhine

Rhine Dreamer: Attend 6 events at the Rhine during Dreamy March.

Rhine Dream Expert: Attend 10 events including 2 workshops.

Rhine Ultimate Dreamer: Attend 15 events during Dreamy March

You must contact the Rhine to apply for your certificate when the month is completed.
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