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A Tribute to Wakine Tanous Sr.

Published: December 22, 2013

A Tribute To Wakine Tanous Sr.

November 7, 1932 – November 7, 2013

It is with great sadness and great celebration that we dedicate this Newsletter to the life of Alex’s beloved brother Wakine Tanous Sr.  Our  Loving Father Wakine passed away on November 7, 2013, his 82nd Birthday.  Alex would clearly say that this was “Beyond Coincidence” and that truly Wakine created this passage as he always said, “I don’t believe in chance, I believe in Destiny”.

Destiny it was that Wakine was Alex’s brother.  Wakine was born Nov. 7, 1931, in Van Buren, the son of Thomas Tanous and Alice (Shalala) Tanous, the fourth eldest of eight boys. They were raised in Van Buren, Maine during the […]

December 22nd, 2013|

Calling Cal!

Published: August 23, 2013

Callum Cooper, Researcher, Graduate, PhD Research Degree student, Writer, Lecturer…. sound a little familiar yes to the Alex Tanous Foundation Cal sounded very familiar and from the first encounter reminded us all of the energy Dr. Tanous carried with him.

We first met Cal Cooper, (the Foundations 3rd time Grant Awardee) back in 2011 when he applied for the Alex Tanous Scholarship Award at which time he was studying many of the fields that Dr. Tanous had studied.  He was also working on a book:  Telephone Calls From The Dead, which was published shortly after his first award.  He has since this time, studied the life of Dr. Tanous, lectured on his work on several occasions, traveled to Egypt and re-traced […]

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A Look Back At The Bermuda Triangle

Published: February 1, 2013

Ahhh Bermuda!

Thinking about the topic of our Winter Newsletter and writing about the Bermuda Triangle, which Dr. Tanous studied in great length, my mind could only focus on the white sands and blue ocean and of course the 80 degree day that I’m sure that they are having!

Being in the heart of winter here in Maine, its fun to think about a Caribbean Island and all of the wonders it has to offer a tourist.  Of course back in 1976 the wonders that it offered some folks were not so pleasant, in fact many of them were deadly experiences if you were unlucky enough to be in a boat or airplane that was last seen anywhere around […]

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A Summer For Sharing Warmth

Published: September 14, 2012


As I sit and feel the cool September breeze I fondly look back to a wonderfully bright summer that we enjoyed here in New England, as well as here at the Foundation.  Warm and Giving which greatly describes the Awards granted to such wonderful people and organizations!


Our First Award went to Dr. Tanous’ High School Alma Mata Van Buren District School Senior Students: Mark Levasseur, Samantha Michaud, and Natasha Ouellette.  All three students ranked in the top ten of their class and will be attending Universities here in Maine! Congratulations to them all.


Our Second Award went to Callum E. Cooper, University of Northampton who has been so appreciative to receive this award two years in a row!  The Foundation however is the fortunate party here as Cal continues […]

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The Light Spring 2012

Published: April 27, 2012

Alex Tanous Scholarship Award: How It Helped My Research

When I was informed last year that I had been accepted as the recipient of the 2011 Alex Tanous Scholarship Award, I was delighted.  In fact, words can’t describe how good it can feel to have your work recognised by means of an award, in a field of research such as parapsychology, which receives very little financial backing as a science. As a result of this, often, those involved in the field will self-fund their efforts where possible and be highly passionate about their studies and research, sometimes I feel this is the only thing which keeps most, if not all parapsychologists involved.

The Alex Tanous Scholarship Award was presented to me during the end of my post-graduate research, while I was a Masters student.  At that time […]

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