• Author: Dr. Alex Tanous

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    Healing Cases

  • Publication date: 12/11/1981

    For the first time last week I had my first black ghost.

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    Ghost Interview with Dr. Tanous

  • I have already described the way I use the out-of-body to project my consciousness into a living client’s past in order to augment regression or trace a self-destructive pattern back to its roots.

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    Ghost Hunting - the Dandy Estate

  • The energy that is left behind here is the energy of the great agony of the child and the great argument between both parents.

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    Ghost House

  • Author: The New Lebanese American Journal

    E.S.P. Stands for extra-sensory perception. Today we call it Parapsychology.

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    E.S.P. Interview with Dr. Tanous

  • Author: Karlis Osis

    The need to utilize ESP in the detection of criminal offenders seems to be recognized even in primitive cultures.

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    ESP to Crime Detection

  • Author: Fred M. FrohockPublication date: 08/18/1997

    Transcripts of 18 interviews conducted by Professor Fred M. Frohock, Researcher, who worked on a collection of oral history of the life of Dr. Alexander Tanous.

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    Fred Frohock Research Report
    Fred Frohock Report 1
    Fred Frohock Report 2
    Fred Frohock Interviews
    Fred Frohock Interviews 2