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Documents: Alex Tanous Online Library

Is Your Child Psychic? [Book]

A ground-breaking book destined to become a standard reference work–the first attempt to help parents and teachers understand what extrasensory...

Beyond Coincidence [Book]

Rarely has a psychic ability been used in so many ways: clairvoyance, helping the police solve crimes, psychic diagnosis and healing, strange...

Conversations with Ghosts [Book]

Conceived as Dr. Alex Tanous's fourth book and intended to be written by Dr. Karlis Osis and himself, it outlines various investigations...

A Look Back At The Bermuda Triangle

Published: February 1, 2013 Ahhh Bermuda! Thinking about the topic of our Winter Newsletter and writing about the Bermuda Triangle, which Dr. Tanous studied in great length, my mind could [...]

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