Published: September 14, 2012


As I sit and feel the cool September breeze I fondly look back to a wonderfully bright summer that we enjoyed here in New England, as well as here at the Foundation.  Warm and Giving which greatly describes the Awards granted to such wonderful people and organizations!


Our First Award went to Dr. Tanous’ High School Alma Mata Van Buren District School Senior Students: Mark Levasseur, Samantha Michaud, and Natasha Ouellette.  All three students ranked in the top ten of their class and will be attending Universities here in Maine! Congratulations to them all.


Our Second Award went to Callum E. Cooper, University of Northampton who has been so appreciative to receive this award two years in a row!  The Foundation however is the fortunate party here as Cal continues his research and travels he speaks to groups all over the world and refers often to Dr. Tanous, his work and the Foundation.

He traveled to Egypt this past year to learn about the places that Dr. Tanous went on his trip to Egypt.  He then spoke in September at the SPR Conference at the University of Northampton and presented a paper on ‘Social Views of Apparitions and Survival in Ancient and Modern Egypt’.  The talk mentioned Dr. Tanous and his brief time over there as a parapsychologist/psychic having shown an interest in the place’s wealth of history and research potential.  We look forward to the audio on this talk and will certainly have that on our Web Site!

Next he will move on to a presentation about Dr. Tanous for their next departmental meeting with new students becoming part of the Center for The Study of Anomalous Psychological Processes (CSAPP)!

Cal wrote to us last year and said “The foundation offers great support for all students involved in the study of anomalous human experiences and a wealth of knowledge on Dr. Alex Tanous himself.  I continue to follow the foundation with great interest and regularly highlight the foundation and its services to my own students and peers.”

We thank Callum for his continued devotion in helping us here at the Foundation to carry out our mission to disseminate Dr. Tanous work all over the world.

Our Third and long awaited Award went to the American Society for Psychical Research (AASPR) in New York City.  The ASPR was a home away from home for Alex as he worked and studied there for more then sixteen years!  Dr. Tanous studied under Dr. Karlis Osis as Dr. Osis conducted testing in remote viewing (out-of-body) with Alex as his subject.  Please visit our web site or the for more information on these tests.  Here is a link for a video of Dr. Osis and Dr. Tanous on a day of such experiments.  We wish all the best to the ASPR in their continued work at such a wonderful organization.






In my 20 years here at the Foundation I have always received such warm e-mails from people all over the world who somehow new Dr. Tanous.  They crossed his path either from childhood, college, having worked with him, met him by chance, students and  on and on.  We enjoy these gracious stories and would like to share a few,  enjoy!



I have been searching for Alex for over the past 30 years and I unfortunately for some reason had his last name as Kannous and last night by some odd coincidence, I was thinking about Alex and once again tried searching Alex Kannous.  To my surprise, Google asked me if I meant “Psychic Alex Tanous”, which of course led me to your web site!  I was extremely excited to have finally discovered what he had done in the years after meeting him, as well as saddened that he had passed.

I met Alex in 1987 on the David Viscott cruise to Acapulco and will add that it was an interesting story as to how Alex and I became friends during the cruise; and something that he shared with me that was a rather powerful example of the gifts that he possessed.

Alex was so happy to have someone to hang out with during the cruise, someone that was not trying to exploit him or try to get him to “tell them their fortune”!

It was an interesting few days, as I helped him to avoid the crowds and just enjoy the nice days and to have fun.  After the cruise we went our ways, and I discovered later that I had misplaced his contact information.  This was a story and a very clear example of Alex’s psychic abilities and the very human side of Alex as well!



Stephen Bianco

Spring 2012




Hello there,

I was blessed to have met Alex in my teenage years through a mutual friend of the family, Elaine Schwinge.  Alex would visit her home and office to meet with Elaine’s’ clients and somehow Alex would always make it a point to visit with me.  Through the ages of 15 to 21 years of age, Alex was a guiding light into my future choices and endeavors.  He had also attempted the healing of my nearsightedness, but we didn’t have enough opportunity to meet to continue the effort.  After his passing, your foundation sent me a letter asking me to keep in touch with you if Alex ever decided to contact me from beyond.  To this day I must honestly say I have not had solid evidence of a contact yet I shall forever remember his eyes, his warmth, his true love of being.  I check into your web site to follow your continuing research in his name and would like to take this moment to thank-you. I believe somewhere Alex is watching over me to help guide me in all the right directions as he has in the past.



Ann Wolf

Spring 2012


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