Themed Events at The Rhine!

March Is For Dreams at the Rhine
Beginning in March of 2014, the Rhine will begin presenting Themed Events.  These events will involve numerous activities at the Rhine throughout the month that will all focus around a single theme.  In March of 2014, all of the events at the Rhine will revolve around Dreams.
In addition to our normal Friday night presentations, the Rhine will be accepting proposals for workshops, formal and informal research presentations, informal discussion groups, and even movie suggestions that are centered on the theme of the month.  All of our normal activities at the Rhine will also emphasize the theme during the month including our Psychic Experiences Group, the Book Club, and our ongoing Dream Studies Group.  If possible, we will be simulcasting numerous activities through our website, but as we all know, a lot more information and opportunities are available for people who are able to attend in person.
Many of these events will be informal and free, but some will involve a fee for participation.  The goal of these events is to provide an opportunity for in-depth study of dreams, to reach more people with information surrounding dreams and dream research, and to help to provide funds to help the Rhine to continue to provide access to these important events and the other important educational initiatives.
If you are interested in being part of this event, we are accepting proposals for presentations, discussion groups, and any other activity that might be appropriate for this event.  We are also actively pursuing sponsors to help to underwrite these activities and to make these events enjoyable and successful.  If you are interested in being part of this event or sponsoring specific activities, please contact the Rhine Program Director, Susan Freeman at
A complete calendar of events and online registration will be posted on the Rhine website in advance of these activities, so mark your calendar and watch the Rhine website for more information about this special opportunity to explore the world of dreaming with the Rhine.
The proposed themes include:
  • March - Dreaming with the Rhine
  • May - PK May
  • July - Ghosts, Apparitions, and Poltergeists
  • September - FRNM Reunion & Thought Leaders in Parapsychology
  • November - Mediums and Survival
I hope that you can join us for these exciting events at the Rhine in the coming year!
John G. Kruth
Executive Director
Sally Rhine Feather
Executive Director Emeritus
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