Sponsored Award

Sponsored Award

The Alex Tanous Scholarship Award of $500.00 is designed to offer assistance to a student attending an accredited college, university or who is participating in a Certificate in Parapsychological Studies program and or a Researcher who wishes to pursue the academic study and or research of the science related in the areas of physical and spiritual development including, but not limited to the development of creativity, creativity and healing and the teaching of creativity as well as research of anomalies, power of the mind/will, the elderly and developmentally challenged children and or sponsorship or co-sponsorship of a Conference/Study Group related to the areas stated above.

Applicants must demonstrate a previous interest in the stated fields by including sample writing on the subject with the application form. Letters of reference are also required from two individuals who are familiar with the applicant’s work and or studies or a detailed description of the conference to be sponsored. Final products including essays written, blogs or research may be submitted to the Alex Tanous Foundation as part of our mission to further the research and disseminate the work through the Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research.

The deadline for receipt of the application is May 1 of each year, and the awardee is notified no later then August 1 of each year.

… Dr. Tanous’ entire life was devoted to healing, research of anomalies, writing, lecturing and love for his fellow man….

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