Rhine Newsletter Spring 2012

Dear friends,
I am excited to bring you the spring, 2012, edition of the Rhine Research Center’s quarterly newsletter. Please forgive the break we took in publication in the past months – my daughter was born at the end of July, 2011, and I have been taking time off from work for this first period of her life. What a teacher she is to me in her constant reminders to stay present with the wonder of each new experience!

The Rhine Center has been gifted with so many extraordinary speakers during this time. For those of us who live in Durham, NC, we are fortunate to attend these talks both for the inspiration and information presented. For those of you who do not live nearby, on our website we do have some past presentations available in our video library and some teleconferences available in our audio library.

This newsletter is special in that we bring to you a remembrance of J.B. Rhine’s most famous documented demonstrator of ESP, Adam Linzmayer. Linzmayer’s daughter, Nancy Linzmayer Stuart, has written a beautiful recollection and description of her father’s ordinary, day-to-day life outside of the lab – a life that you will likely find, upon reading, to be extraordinary and exceptional due to his gifts. As is often the case with psi, the day-to-day occurrences typically supersede anything that a scientist can record in a lab.

Additionally, in this newsletter we have our regular Psi Chronicles column in which Sally Rhine Feather, Ph.D. comments on a mind-matter interaction. Robert McLuhan gives a book review of Fringe-ology, written by Steve Volk (who recently spoke at the Rhine), and Bryan Williams of the University of New Mexico presents an article furthering the discussion of the decline effect that I started in our last newsletter. Williams comments on numerous possibilities that might cause the effect as well as noting the similar pattern of the decline effect across various fields of study, refuting skeptics who imply the phenomenon points to a flaw in parapsychology.

Please note our upcoming April and May events with Bill Bengston, Ron Papallardo, and Norm Shealy. Additionally, in June the Rhine Center will be having a tribute to the late esteemed parapsychologist Bill Roll – I would be grateful for any descriptions and remembrances of him for the summer newsletter. Send these and any other letters or commentaries to Jennifer@Rhine.org (I always welcome Letters to the Editor to print in the next newsletter).

With hopes that this newsletter and the work of the Rhine inspires courageous and authentic living to you all!

- Jennifer Moore, editor