The Power Of Creative Living

There is an old Native American adage that says:  “As long as there is a sound and someone to sing it;  as long as there is someone to speak and someone to listen, life goes on.”  Every person is the song, the singer, the speaker, the listener.  Each of us is connected to early primal people as well as to the generations of the future.

How do you keep the music playing?  How do you continue to tell the stories?  Alex Tanous said, “discover your purpose”.  Joseph Campbell said, “follow your bliss”.  You must conquer your fears, let go of guilt, and tame your anger in order to get in touch with your creative energies.  You can be self-possessed.  You can own your power and direct your will.  You can discover the magic of your imagination.

Children know magic.  They know how to get to Mars on their bikes.  They can talk to animals and they can see their future in grains of sand.  The magic gets squeezed out of their spirits as rules and regulations are pumped into their heads – rigid requirements of conformity.  Schools educate it out of them and parents discipline it out of them.  But as long as you have known magic once, you will always be able to find it again.

Fear is the first experience of the fetus in the womb.  Fear is the monster that paralyzes you, holds you back, limits you, diminishes and destroys your self-esteem.  It causes you to questions your worth.  By discovering your fears, the terrors that lurk in the dark corners of your consciousness, you can confront them, conquer them and let them go.  Then you can get in touch with your true being and move onto your own special path that you know deep in your heart and soul has been there all the while waiting for you – your destiny.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, in his book Love, Medicine and Miracles, describes his feelings of fear and anxiety as he lay awake nights before he was scheduled to perform surgery.  He worried that he might make a mistake, and he even began to questions whether he should give up medicine and go into a different field.  At the same time he was struggling with these fears, he began to notice something significant about the cancer patients he was working with.  Those who had a positive attitude did considerably better than those who did not.  Dr. Siegel realized that his attitude towards his profession was what was causing his own depression.  This revelation helped him understand what is needed in a doctor/patient relationship and what he had to do to become an effective care giver – let go of fear and have a positive attitude.

You need to be self-possessed.  You need to own your own power.  You need to rely on your intuition, your true being.  The demands on your life have become so great you barely have time for anything other than the practical requirements of daily living.  How can you nurture your creativity in this fast paced technological environment?  You need to escape to a sacred place where you can get in touch with your inner being.  Forget about bills you have to pay and chores you have to do.  Forget about the six o’clock news.  Go into your favorite music, or write in your daily log.  Let yourself listen to the voice of your consciousness.  It will tell you what you need to know about living the life you ought to be living.  You are discovering your purpose.  You are following your bliss.

Stay on your path.  You will begin to meet wonderful people of similar persuasion who will be eager to help you.  Doors will open to you, and opportunities will come to you.  You will begin to infuse into your being the true essence of life.  You will be experiencing your story, just as those who came before you did, and those who come after you will.  You will join them on the mystical path of self-discovery.


By Sheila J. Dobrowolski