Portland, Maine based Dream Group has openings!

There has been a rise of

new interest  

in this

Portland-based Dream Group...,

slated to occur on

Tuesday evenings*, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.

There are still available slots~! 

Group will begin when it has six members to proceed. 


*(A different meeting night can be negotiated among members). 


This ongoing dream group provides members with an intimate, safe and protected setting to explore and work with dreams, in the company of trusted others.


This e-brochure outlines details about the group and how to apply.  Please feel free to call yourself or pass this onto other individuals you know may be interested in dream work.


Rick Bouchard, LCSW
Psychotherapist/Jungian Analyst-in-Training  


About the Group
Who:   Individuals interested in dream work and willing to be a part of an ongoing, closed, confidential dream group.
When:     Tuesdays*, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Group will meet three weeks a month, resting on the fourth, which gives all members of the group ample opportunity to work with each other's dreams during the course of the month. 

* (A different meeting night can be negotiated among members). 
Where:     222 St. John Street, in Portland.
Cost:     Group is on a sliding scale from $40-$55 for a two hour group.   A variety of payment sources are accepted, including:  self-pay, many commercial insurances, MaineCare, and other third party reimbursement. Members can now use Hour Exchange Portland credits to pay for group on a one-hour for one-hour exchange rate!! 
Length of Group:     Group is ongoing.  Members can either remain in group as long as they wish and as long as it meets their needs or make a time-limited, three-month commitment.  New members come in when there are openings. This group is limited to seven members.
Process to apply for group:     Interested individuals simply contact the facilitator, who will schedule a phone interview to discuss the group, its expectations and the application process.  This maintains the integrity and confidentiality of the group.
This is a confidential, closed and ongoing psychotherapy group.

Acknowledging there are many paths to enlightenment, Rick's approach seeks to offer and illuminate dream theory, tools and techniques for working with dreams, and a forum for the feelings that arise while doing dream work. 

A dialogue with the "unconscious" is important.  It can enhance your spiritual journey, foster wholeness, and lend itself to decision making, as well as, empower, comfort, entertain, and challenge you....
Dreams are one reliable link we have to the "unconscious."  When properly interpreted, dreams can tell us more about who we are, what we need, and where we are going.

Participation in a dream group can be a spiritual experience. As author Jeremy Taylor says, "No dream is out of the realm of possibility for another dreamer. Anyone can imagine dreaming such a theme. This creates a commonality, a communion, and the shared felt sense of the presence of the divine."
Let us explore and honor these gifts.

Dream Catcher


To enhance one's relationship with their "dream center" or "psyche," a dreamer can explore a variety of avenues available in dreamwork, such as,
Jungian dream interpretation (exploring dreams from a perspective that honors such things as the "shadow," the personal and collective unconscious, "psyche," archetypes, symbolism, fairy tales, mythology, complex theory, and more...), 
dream incubation (consciously influencing what subjects one dreams about through intentioning),
active imagination (dialoguing, during meditation, with dream characters/objects),
lucid dreaming (dreaming with full awareness that you are dreaming, while remaining asleep and in the dream),
sculpting (role playing the dream, in three dimensions, utilizing props and the other members of the group),
dream re-entry (re-entering a dream from a conscious state providing an opportunity to gain insight, interact with inner characters, and/or finish or rewrite the ending), and
Sand Play (recreating dream images and scenes in a specialized sand tray with miniatures to gain a rich, objective perspective on the dream, as well as, an opportunity to interact with the characters of the dream world). 
These, and other techniques, improve dream recall, enhance self-awareness, and provide ways to illuminate & approach the dream part of our journey.  
Other topics to be covered include:  dream recall, journaling, spirituality, picture interpretation and Myer's Brigg's Typology. 


About the Facilitator:
Rick Bouchard, LCSW, has been in private practice in Portland, Maine since 1999, working with children, adolescents and adults.  He offers individual, family and couple's psychotherapy, Jungian analysis as an analyst-in-training, a variety of professional workshops, and this ongoing dream group.
Rick 2007
Rick attended the University of Southern Maine, receiving a BA in Philosophy, and the University of New England, receiving a Masters in Social Work, with a clinical concentration.  

He works with a variety of mental health and substance abuse issues, including: parenting, depression, anxiety, OCD, HIV/AIDS, death/dying/grief, issues of sexual orientation, gender, transgender/transsexual issues.
Rick is a Diploma Candidate in Stage Two of the Jungian Analyst Training Program at the C.G. Jung Institute, Boston, Mass..

He has studied with various dream workers himself providing him with a broad eclectic education and approach to dream work.  He remains a committed dreamer himself. 
Dreams are one reliable link we have to the "unconscious."  When properly interpreted, dreams can tell us more about who we are, what we need, and where we are going.
Contact Information:

Rick Bouchard, LCSW
Private Practitioner
222 St. John Street,  Suite 246
Portland, Maine  04102

Ph.  207-650-6450
Fax:  207-347-3510

E-mail:  CONSTL8@aol.com