The Light: September 2010

The Light: September 2010



The Alex Tanous Foundation is Celebrating its 20th Year!

It seems like yesterday that Dr. Tanous was teaching his classes at USM, lecturing all over the world, counseling people and writing his books! His work does live on and through his Foundation it has for the past 20 years; the Alex Tanous Foundation has created an Archive of his life-long work and made his legacy accessible to all.

We have enjoyed a wonderful kick-off to our 20th Anniversary with many activities (listed below) and will lead up to the finale on SUNDAY MAY 22, 2011!

Celebrating 20 Years
Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research

1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Down-East Village Restaurant On The Royal River
705 U.S. Route One Yarmouth, Maine

Luncheon & Foundation Presentation

* * Please watch for further details on registration, events and lodging.


In Celebration Of 20 Years!

The Foundation has officially kicked of the 20th Year Celebration with many accomplishments to announce as well as special events that will occur throughout the year!

* Alex Tanous Scholarship Award June 2009/2010
* Alex Tanous Memorial Site July 2009
* Republishing of "Is Your Child Psychic?" September 2009
* Rhine Research Center "Pioneer Series" March 7, 2010 (Jennifer Allen)
* Relay For Life Team for the Alex Tanous Foundation June 11-12, 2010
* 20th Annual Board of Directors Meeting May 16, 2010
* A Celebration Mass for our Founder at The Cathedral July 7, 2010 12:00
* Sea Dogs Night July 7, 2010
* Tanous Foundation Celebration Mass at The Cathedral 4:30
* 20th Year Anniversary Luncheon May 22, 2011
* Alex's Art Work, Music, Books, Classes made available

Please visit our Web Site at for continuous updates!