The Light: October 2011

The Light: October 2011

Greetings from the Alex Tanous Foundation!

Here is another addition of “The Light”, our Fall addition and we hope that with the change in seasons from summer to fall brings a new “Light” to you; so that you may look forward to cool nights, crisp air and some new beginnings that you may not have started over the summer!

Included in this Newsletter is an article on Dr. Tanous that many of you might not have known about him. Another hidden talent that he had in his earlier years and which was in the field of Music!
Also some updates from the Alex Tanous Library and the Rhine Research Center where there are many upcoming events that you will all find very interesting.

Lastly I will leave with you some thoughts from a class that Dr. Tanous taught, “Your Path to Success” Sometimes during transitional and trying times in life it is always good to stop read, listen and learn from the wisdom of others who have been there before. Enjoy!


“To have success in our lives we must create our own destiny,
and have the Will to do so.
With the Power of the Will, you think badly, you go badly; you think well, you go well. We can discover things within ourselves and transfer these from one area to another. There is doubt, and this reminds us that we are human. Expectations are followed through if we want things. If you have no dreams you have no expectations."


The Music Man....

The Music Man....

From the Lincoln News, Lincoln, Maine August 11, 1966

Alexander Tanous of Van Buren, Maine has ventured into a new field—Recording. He has just cut his first four songs for Chaplet Record Corp. Alex co-wrote and arranged all the songs –“I Said Goodbye, Don’t’ tell Me Now, There’s a Big Difference My Love, and If I sent a Rose to You”.

The Record is scheduled to be released in early September. Record reviews voted that “If I’d Send A Rose To You” and “I Said Good-bye “ to be the tunes most likely to succeed. The record is a result of that lengthy research and experimentation in the development of an electronic process which transformed Alex’s voice and let the recording performance take on a depth of a new sound – which has been called by Tanous the “In Sound”, and still preserves the artistic performance.

Besides doing all of this Tanous also produced the record with the help of the engineers. Last year he won the religious musical award for his “Mass in Jazz” and he holds Le Grande Prize De France for his “America in Jazz”. He has also written and arranged many songs for top artists in the country.

Alex said he was very excited about his new E.P. record and that a preview record has been featured over the radio station WMKR with very good results. He would be making several T.V. and radio appearances in the fall after the record came out.

Pictured Above: PFC Alex Tanous of the 1013 ASU, Fort Devens, MA shown here playing the piano has recently received some good news. His new song, “Is It Right Or Wrong?” had been placed with the Algonquin Music, Inc., of New York and for Tanous who had written five songs that year, that was good news!

Alex had shown that he was musically inclined even before he could read, and he began writing poetry at age 11. In 1948 Tanous got serious about the business of writing music and his first song was featured in a musical touring Maine and Canada.

For more information on his music career, to look at his hand written music or to listen to Alex Tanous’ songs, please visit our Media Library at


Events at the Alex Tanous Library, The Rhine Center and Beyond:

Native American Ceremony & Drumming
Talk with Lonza Running Medicine Wolf Pagans, PhD and Jane Robinson, CHT

Friday October 21 , 2011
Stedman Auditorium on the Duke Center for Living Campus
7:30 -9:00 pm

Native American drumming is a meditative method for finding personal power and peace, and when infused with visioning, gives the individual access to the spirit world. While traveling in the spirit world, we can find rich insights and knowledge into ours and others well-being and healing as well as past, present and future.

The program will focus on the following:
Understanding the Sacred Circle
The Vision Properties
The Mystic Power of Pipe Ceremonies
The Powerful Spiritual Experience of the Stone Person Lodge
The uses of visioning for prediction of the future, understanding the past, and how they can be used in healing body, mind and spirit.
Rhine Members: $15.00
Non-members: $20.00

A Native American Cultural Treatment
Workshop with Lonza Running Medicine Wolf Pagans, PhD
and Jane Robinson, CHT

Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine Research Center
Saturday October 22 , 2011
This workshop is experiential, lecture and discussion. The program will focus on the following:

• Understanding the Sacred Circle
Didactic information about the seven sacred directions and their properties will be presented. The importance of the east, south, west, and the north, as well as the above, below, and centered directions will be discussed.
• The Vision Properties
We will explain the importance and manner in which an individual can seek visioning through drumming. The method and usage of sage will be presented and this will include setting up a sacred circle, entering and sacred circle, as well as other specifics concerning the sacred circle.
• The Mystic Power of Pipe Ceremonies
The significance of the Native American pipe to ceremony and the manner in which the pipe is used in ceremonies will be demonstrated.
• The Powerful Spiritual Experience of the Stone Person Lodge
The design and structure of the stone peoples lodge will the talked about. The spiritual and cultural significance of the stone persons lodge as it relates to prayer, cleansing and visioning will to discuss.
• The uses of visioning for prediction of the future, understanding the past, and how they can be used in healing body, mind and spirit.
Knowledge related to the process of visioning to journey into the spirit world to obtain sacred information about events that have occurred and event that will occur will be offered. Information concerning the use of this knowledge in a healing ceremony will be given.

Bring your own drum and feel free to bring any artifact to be blessed by Dr. Pagans.

The workshop draws on the teachings of Dr. Pagan’s eastern woodland elders, his published dissertation, of the White Buffalo, his book “A Journey to the Me That I Can Be” and on the Gnostic gospels as well as the bible. Lonza Pagans, PhD. and Jane Robinson, CHT will present an in-depth understanding of a Native American ceremony that can lead us to be whole and complete and living our lives in the ‘moment’.

Dr. Pagans and Jane Robinson founded the Robinson and Pagans Institute for Alternative Healing. Dr. Pagans has a PhD. in psychology and has had a successful private practice in counseling. He has studied in Brazil, Mexico, and Puerto Rica, as well as with Native American elders. He is a priest in the Native American church.

Jane Robinson has studied with Dr. Pagans for the past 11 years while working in the healing arts in chiropractic care. She is currently working as a hypnotherapist in her own private practice.

Lunch will be ordered out from Nosh Deli for $10.00.
Rhine Members: $60.00
Non-members: $75.00

Storytelling At The Rhine

Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine Research Center
Friday, October 28, 2011
7:30 - 9:00pm Bringing back an old favorite from the past! Just in time for Halloween!
Join us for an evening of seasonal storytelling, wine and refreshments. (PG 13 recommended)
limited seating, reservations suggested. Rhine Members: $15.00
Non-members: $20.00

The Evolution of Human Consciousness
Friday November 4 , 2011
Stedman Auditorium on the Duke Center for Living Campus
7:30 -9:00 pm

As 2012 approaches, there has been much speculation about coming changes to the earth and its inhabitants. Many of these predictions focus on external changes, such as pole shifts, rising seas, seismic activity, the arrival of unknown planets, climate change, alien contact and more.

But there is a far more important change occurring and it is primarily an internal phenomenon. This is a fundamental shift in human consciousness. This evolution is not a matter of speculation but is clearly in evidence right now. We see it everyday in the work of The Monroe Institute and other organizations that are exploring the vast inner landscape of human awareness.

Paul Rademacher is the Executive Director of The Monroe Institute and in this presentation he will be speaking on the nature of this evolution. Among the topics he will discuss:

·Multi-dimensional awareness and its implications
·The nature of time and why the perception of time must change when becoming aware of nonphysical realities
·Human awareness and the Mayan calendar
·Emerging perceptual abilities of the human species
·The critical importance of personal experience
·How these abilities affect self identity, sense of purpose, relationships, psychological heath, and creativity
·Chaos and the liminal state
·Mystical awareness as the new baseline
In addition, Mr. Rademacher will give a demonstration of The Monroe Institute’s new audio technology, known as Spatial Angle Modulation.

Rhine Members: $15.00
Non-members: $20.00

Exploring Consciousness through Personal Experience
Paul Rademacher, Executive Director of The Monroe Institute
Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine Research Center
Saturday November 5th ,2011
9:00am - 5:00 pm

Personal experience is a category of knowing that can be quite different from traditional means of sharing information such as discussion, reading, lecture, or story. This is particularly true of nonphysical exploration where first-hand encounter can be far more compelling than second-hand, left-brain oriented educational methods.

During this workshop we will explore experimentally the map of consciousness developed by The Monroe Institute. With the help of the Hemi-Sync® audio-guidance technology, participants will be able to explore ranges of awareness traditionally reserved for mystics, shamans, gurus and long time mediators.

This one-day adventure into expanded states of awareness facilitates profound relaxation, deep contemplation, increased intuition, and communication with the higher self and with related energies. Important personal revelations are commonplace. Specifically designed exercises form the core of the workshop, together with explanation, discussion, and supportive group interaction.

Much of the workshop will be spent lying down, so please bring pillows, blankets and anything else that will make you comfortable. Loose, casual clothing is recommended.

Maximum of 25 participants.
Lunch will be ordered out from Nosh Deli for $10.00.
Rhine Members: $60.00
Non-members: $75.00

Monthly Psychic Experiences Group
(PEG) Sharing and Discussion around personal experiences

Ongoing: Every first Tuesday of the month
October 4th, 2011
7:00 -9:00 PM

Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine Center
There is an open discussion group that meets at the Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine Center. As an informal group, participants share personal experiences involving psi (experiences outside our ordinary daily lives). At times, various topics may unfold, but the evening always begins with the sharing of experiences. We honor participants' privacy for their stories outside the meetings. Facilitators are Pamela St. John and Debi Pratt. For questions or information, please contact: Pamela St. John, or call (919) 740-9184

Rhine Members: Free
Non-members: $10.00

Monthly Remote Viewing Group Led by Benton Bogle

Ongoing: Every third Wednesday of the month
Next meeting October 19, 2011
7:00 -9:00 PM
Alex Tanous Library in the Rhine Center

Interested in Remote Viewing Practice?
The Remote Viewing Practice Group meets regularly at the Rhine Center to do out bounder and other types of Remote Viewing that involve interaction. It is not be necessary to be trained as a Remote Viewer or to follow a particular method to participate. If you are interested in practicing Remote Viewing as a part of a small group of viewers and / or have questions, please contact Benton Bogle by email at

Rhine Members free
Non members $10.00