The Light: June 2005

The Light: June 2005

From The Foundation

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Summer 2005
Volume I Issue II

From the Foundation Board…

We are preparing to move ahead with our mission of making the information in the Alex Tanous archives accessible to everyone. The Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research was created in March of 1990; founded by the late Dr. Alexander Tanous. His vision was for eternal continuation of his teachings and research through the Foundation. It was his will that the Foundation conduct scientific research in areas related to physical and spiritual development including, but not limited to, the development of creativity, creativity and healing, and the teaching of creativity.
Dr. Tanous once said, “To have success in our lives we must create our own destiny and have the will to do so.” In this phrase Dr. Tanous referred to outside influences in our lives. He believed that individuals know what they want in their lives and that each person can create this within themselves.
Here at the Foundation our goal is to bring this same success as Dr. Tanous spoke about through his teachings and make this accessible to you through his courses on DVD, Video, Cassette and Booklets.

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From The Archive:

A cassette tape class lecture by Dr. Tanous: “Dreams”, “Power of Creative Living” or “Healing”

A photocopied book by Dr. Tanous : “Beyond Coincidence” or “Dreams, Symbols & Psychic Power”

A DVD or Video class lecture & material packet by Dr. Tanous: “Power of Creative Living” or “Healing”

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Alex Tanous Foundation
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The Alex Tanous Research Library

The Alex Tanous Research Library

Once the Foundation has succeeded in its goal to preserve the historical records of Dr. Tanous and make them accessible to the public, a copy will be placed at the newly named Alex Tanous Research Library located at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina. This is a visible accomplishment dedicated to fulfilling one of Alex’s dreams and furthering the mission of the Alex Tanous Foundation. The Alex Tanous Library is a wonderful space housed with an array of historic collections and new periodicals, newsletters, journals and books on parapsychology and related areas. Our goal is to make this available to all who wish to access it. For more information on the library or the Rhine Research Center look at their web site at, or visit our web site at for more information on the Foundation and links to other sites as well.

The Alex Tanous Research Library