The Light: July 2008

The Light: July 2008

Good Ole Summertime!

Good Ole Summertime!

Hello from the Alex Tanous Foundation and Happy Summer Time! Ah, good old summer: time to kick back and head for the beach, go for a bike ride, or enjoy a backyard barbeque. These are all familiar happenings in the summer just as summer camps are for kids, packing up and heading off to a week filled with fun.

But would it not be nice to experience something different this summer? Something that you have always had an interest in like taking a class in Parapsychology or head off to a weekend Spiritual Retreat!

In this issue of the "Light" I am going to bring to you some different ideas for summertime fun, some camps, classes and even workshops on Parapsychology and the related fields. You may find something of interest for your next summertime adventure, maybe a little off from the "regular" summer events that we have all become accustomed to! So kick back and read on and of course have a wonderful Summer!


Summer PSI Camps

Welcome to the Rhine Research Center's:

"Summer Psi Camp"

A series of one-day workshops open to the public,
designed to teach practical applications of Psi ability.

This special series of programs offer the unique opportunity to study with experts in the
Parapsychological and Psi fields.

In order to offer personalized attention to each participant, each workshop is limited to a small
number of people. We suggest you register early
to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to seeing you here at Summer Psi Camp!

Parapsychology 101


Dr. Sally Rhine Feather and Rhine Center Instructors
Parapsychology 101 ESP Card Testing

Date & Time:

Saturday, July 26th
10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Rhine Research Center
Note: Limited Space for Testing,
so Register Early!
Fee: $50 Rhine Members * $75 Non-Members * $25 Students with ID

Participants in this course will have the rare opportunity to experience testing in the world famous Ganzeld laboratories at the Rhine Research Center, as well as the opportunity to use the Zener ESP Cards, as seen in the Ghostbusters movie.

Non-Member Rate

Rhine Member Rate

Student Rate

Are you a Member of the Rhine Research Center?
Members receive discounts to programs and events as well as items for purchase in the Rhine Gift Shop. To become a Member, Click Here

Near Death Experiences
with IANDS
(International Association of Near Death Studies)
Friday, August 8th - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
at the Stedman Auditorium

A lecture presented by Dr. Diane K. Corcoran

What is a near-death experience? Not all researchers agree on the definition of a near death experience, but most will say that it is a powerful emotional event that occurs during a critical illness, accident or near-death episode. At first, near death experiences may seem impossible because there is no rational explanation for them and they cannot be observed. However, they are genuine experiences that have been reported by tens of thousands of people from all over the world. Not everyone who has a close brush with death reports a near-death experience. No one knows why some people have NDEs when others do not. About one-third of adults and 70 percent of children who have had a close brush with death or been seriously ill have reported having a near-death experience.

Most people who have had a near-death experience report it to be one of peace, joy and bliss. Much less often, others have reported their experiences to be distressing with feelings of fear, anger, loneliness, and/or isolation. Thousands of documented NDEs challenge mainstream Western thinking and belief systems. For example, some people who have an NDE accurately report events that occurred around their bodies when they were unconscious or even clinically dead. Some NDEs have revealed family secrets, such as the existence of a never-mentioned sibling. Expectations about an afterlife may be challenged, and some people abruptly develop radically new interests and abilities after an NDE. Importantly, the effects of an NDE are enduring, powerful, and often life-altering.

The aftereffects of a near-death experience are unique as well. About 80 percent of those who have had a near-death experiences claim their lives have changed forever. There are certain aftereffects that are reported more frequently than others. These include having:

* No fear of death
* A heightened awareness of the present moment and the importance of being “in the now”
* Less regard for material wealth
* Increased sensitivity to light, sound, electricity and certain chemicals
* Difficulty with making the decision to share the experience with others
* Changes in core temperature (often lower) as well blood pressure

DR. DIANE K. CORCORAN is a health care consultant specializing in health care technology and Smart card use in healthcare. Dr. Corcoran has published and presented on a variety of topics related to Near-Death Experiences, management and grief. She has lectured for over 30 years on the importance of health care professionals understanding the Near-Death experience. In addition, she has lectured on its implication for nursing and other issues such as supporting terminal patients, grief and bereavement, SIDS deaths and other issues related to death and dying. She has published several articles and a nursing CEU program on the Near-Death experience. She continues to counsel people who have NDE’s and assists with resources and professional workshops in the area. Dr. Corcoran is President Emeritus of the International Association of Near-Death Studies and currently serves on the board of Directors of IANDS.

Fee: $10 Rhine Members * $20 Non-Members * $5 Students with ID


Summer Events In Maine

July 13 - 19 Women's Wilderness Retreat:

On the Allagash River, Yoga, canoeing, silence and laughter and great company! 207-721-9229


July 19, July 30 - September 1st Summer Season at Etna Spiritualist Association:

"Camp Etna" Founded in 1877 and located on 27 beautiful wooded acres. Mediums Day/Healing Arts Festival starts the summer season on July 19th. Readings, Healing practitioners and vendors of all things Spiritual! Workshops throughout the month of August, visit our website at or call for a brochure 207-269-2094


Inner Peace Retreat Weekends:

Revitalize, Renew, Restore balance and inner peace to your Body - Mind - Spirit. Belfast: Every third weekend of each month. (207) 338-5168


Weekly Psychic Development and Awareness Classes:

Fridays. at the Portland Spiritualist Church, 719 Main Street., Westbrook, Classes start at 7:30 p.m. FMI: call (207) 655-6673

USM Center for Continuing Education:

Ongoing classes in Complementary Therapies, (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Etc.) Visit for course & registration information or call (207) 780-5900 for catalog.


Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Labyrinth Walks:

Inner Harmony in Portland's West End serves body, mind and spirit to assist you on your path of wellness. (207) 772-1509


Temple Heights Spirituslist Camp:

Evening of message circles and classes offered