The Light: April 2011

The Light: April 2011

Dr. Alex Tanous Lecture On UFO's 1979

Dr. Alex Tanous Lecture On UFO's  1979

Now, let us go into UFOs to start out with. Do UFOs exist? And what are UFOs? What pwer have they over us? Have I seen UFO's? First of all, UFO's have always been with us, like electricity, and we are only now discovering them. Ezekiel had the first description of a UFO in the Old Testament. It is also believed, at least by the description that the fiery chariot of Elijah was a UFO, and that he is not dead, and he will one day return. Those who have crossed that “dimension of time and space” with UFOs, will they return? How about the Bermuda Triangle?

First of all, there are different kinds of UFOs. By that I mean they have different shapes. Why they take certain shapes we do not know. The first thing we must realized is that they are not (all) concrete, that they are energy – that’s right, they are energy. We see more UFOs of energy than we see of concrete.

Questions have been asked: Do they come from the water? The question was asked on my trip to the Bermuda Triangle: Do they come from the Bermuda Triangle, and from under dark holes? We do not know either they come from; that is, I don’t know if they come from the water. I know of three places they do come from. One is from other planets, two, is from interdimension, and three, is what we call travel dimension; that is, they jum into certain time-space levels. I will explain that as we go along.

The interdimension UFO perhaps is the one we see most. In other workds, they are – through themselves – able to come into our own dimension Earth. Most of the UFOs that come within interdimension are of energy. Not all cases of people being picked up by UFOs in the National Enquirer and Midnight, etc. are true. They are carbon copies of what they have read and want to believe. They have gone into hallucination. The UFO encounters of the third kind are very, very, very rare. I kow for a fact of only three. All others see m to be a reproduction of what others believe to be.

Some people, like Betty Hill, believe that they could be harmful. I don’t. Some say that they took blood from some of them when they examined them and many other points certainly, it’s like anybody else; if they want to know what you are made of, they are going to examine you. It’s not anymore than you going to the doctor and him taking a blood sample or something from you.

The first case that we really have in which, under hypnosis, they are really able to remember, of course, is the case of Betty and Barney Hill. They lived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, when they had lost some hours. It was some years later that they finally went under hypnosis, and there are three things which put the Hill case separate from any other case that we know. In the first case, Betty Hill drew a star map which took years to find (Zeta Reticuli), which later astronomers were able to find. Secondly, she said that one of them took a needle and put it through the navel of Barney to look at his insides and the doctors said that was impossible. Today, medical doctors use a needle through the navel to go to cerain areas. The third was their remembrance only under hypnosis. Now, it is true that you can program a lot of things under hypnosis and believe that they are such, but no one can program a star map which no one knew existed. Or something like a needle through the navel which noone believed could happen. If these two things are ture, then can the rest not be ture? Do you follow the logic we follow through on such a case? The other case was Charles Hickson and his friend in Louisina and the other was in Arizona.

The question has been asked: Have I ever seen UFOs? The answer is “yes”. I saw, just this past year, the most beautiful silver disc ones in the sky as I was driving back from a party with a girlfriend. We looked at it in the sky and I said, “What time is it? And she said, “Two minutes after midnight”. I said, “Well, the last plan to come into Portland is 10:00 p.m. so it couldn’t be a plane.” So we stopped the car and observed it and suddenly it just disappeared. I thought it was coming for me since I was ready with my camera and tape recorder to go up, but it didn’t happen.

The other time I was with Betty Hill for three or four hours. It was on November 24, two years ago. Betty said, “Come up and I’ll show you my place where I have these five UFOs.” Suddenly, four orange UFOs came from behind the trees in formation: one, then two, then one. I took a picture of it with 1600 ASA film, black and white, and what came out was a big white cross. Just as Betty Hill had predicted. Exactly the formation of the cross and that’s what they came out with.

My personal encounter with UFOs were the ones I mentioned in the book Beyond Coincidence. The story goes far more deep than that. I could only, at that time, give the tip of the iceberg. The story does not happen where it is told, primarily, that it was to cover up certain information in which I had no right to release. I did want to write that I believed in UFOs and why. They gave me permission to translate. By that I mean transfer the story to somewhere else.

There were actually there men, as human as you and I. These three men lived out in this dessert: we don’t know here. One of them had told the miners that it was where gold had been hidden by the Spaniards, and that it was on the other side of this mountain. On the top of the mountain, there was an opening to go to this cave. The miners took a donkey and started up. The donkey died and a miner died also. Other members of the group tried and everything went wrong. Finally, what happened was this” a helicopter was sent, found a landing place, and did find the gold and silver bars and so on. And they took them out.

The other incident that happened was that a woman –don’t get me wrong, the diner scene in the book is true. I’m merely telling you the scène changed for reasons of privacy. The woman, an Indian woman, comes to the diner with her dead son, where these three men frequented, which tells us they are able to eat. The man said, “Don’t worry. Your son is not dead. “ She said, “Look he’s been dead since this morning. He’s stinking.” The man took the child. The reason she had come to the diner was that she wanted a doctor, because there was not one anywhere around. So the man picked up the child and said, “Let me take him home with you.” Two days later, the woman returned and the child was alive. But she said the man had grown very, very old as if he were disintegrating."

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