The Light: April 2009

The Light: April 2009

For the Love of Teaching!

For the Love of Teaching!

When Thornton Academy in Saco, Maine put an ESP course among its electives in the fall of 1972, word about the class went through the school like wildfire!
Registration had to close with 180 students in six divisions, not because all the interested students had been accommodated, but because "there just was no time slot where we could schedule another section," according to the head of the Thornton English department.
"Weird.... wild," were some of the students reactions to what may have been the first accredited ESP course on the high school level in the United States.

From teaching this "first" class of its kind to teaching at the University to lecturing all over the world, Dr. Tanous continued spreading his word to students for his entire life.

In one interview for the Portland Press Herald Dr. Tanous spoke of his work with students who were mostly members of the U.N. Parapsychology Club who learned about ghosts, the difference between premonitions and bad feelings and even experimented with their own E.S.P.
"It really hit me beautifully," Tanous said, as his eyes lighted up with enthusiasm. "Stepping into a place like the Untied Nations and to realize that an interest in psychic phenomena was there, where you would least expect it."

Another class that Dr. Tanous taught at Anna Maria College in 1975, he led more than 50 students on a class trip to Portland, Maine without leaving the Paxton campus! The "Astro Journey" was led by Dr. Tanous who was conducting a course on parapsychology and the trip was to his apartment as students closed their eyes and tried to picture objects Tanous said were on a table. After the students returned to Paxton from their Astro Journey they attempted to describe the objects they had seen as Tanous warned the students that an Astro Journey takes developing and a beginner may see only parts of the whole, one item or one design.

Among other courses Dr. Tanous taught were "Exploring Parapsychology, Power of Creative Living, Self-Awareness and Growth through Dreams, The Dynamics of the Super conscious and the Quest for the Intuitive Mind" he also led educational trips to China, Japan and Egypt as well as a "Psychic Cruise" in 1975 which was the first of its kind in the United States.

Later in his life he began the Lecture circuit from all over the Untied States and on to other countries, Dr. Tanous continued to teach and to offer to students everywhere information about his work that they too could learn.

He wrote in his memoirs a vision of creating a place for students and researchers to be able to access his life-long work that is now the Foundation Archive. He wanted people to be able to continue this learning and absorbing everything they could and wanted to know.

In this spirit we now offer a "Sponsored Award" to students/researchers as well as a "Media Library" on our Web Site where you can find Dr. Tanous written, audio, photographed and digital work materials. Please look at for much more information.


The Alex Tanous Foundation's Sponsored Award

The Alex Tanous Scholarship Award of $500.00 is designed to offer assistance to a student attending an accredited college, university or who is participating in a Certificate in Parapsychological Studies program and or a Researcher who wishes to pursue the academic study and or research of the science related in the areas of physical and spiritual development including, but not limited to the development of creativity, creativity and healing and the teaching of creativity as well as research of anomalies, power of the mind/will, the elderly and developmentally challenged children and or sponsorship or co-sponsorship of a Conference/Study Group related to the areas stated above.

Applicants must demonstrate a previous interest in the stated fields by including sample writing on the subject with the application form. Letters of reference are also required from two individuals who are familiar with the applicant’s work and or studies or a detailed description of the conference to be sponsored. Final products including essays written, blogs or research may be submitted to the Alex Tanous Foundation as part of our mission to further the research and disseminate the work through the Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research.

The deadline for receipt of the application is May 1, 2009, and the awardee is notified no later then August 1, 2009.

… Dr. Tanous’ entire life was devoted to healing, research of anomalies, writing, lecturing and love for his fellow man….

Please visit our Web Site at to download the complete Guidelines and Application.


Course Offerings

So you are looking for that course to take or even a degree to pursue in the field relating to Parapsychological Studies. Now you can research several institution who offer a variety of what you may be looking for! Below is a list as well as links to sites that offer courses so look, read and enjoy!

The Rhine Research Center (919) 688-8241 or visit their website for more information at

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, 744 San Antonio Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303. You can call them at (415) 493-4430. They have a program in spiritual psychology, and parapsychologist William Braud offers courses in parapsychology for residential students.

California Institute of Integral Studies, East-West Studies Program, 765 Ashbury St., San Francisco, CA 94117. You can call them at (415) 753-6100. The have a program on consciousness and transformation.

American Society for Psychical Research, 5 West 73rd St., New York, NY 10023. You can call them at (212) 799-5050. Their librarian maintains a list of schools that offer some parapsychology courses. For a small fee, they will mail it out to you.

Saybrook Graduate School - Research Center, San Francisco, CA 94111. You can call them at (800) 825-4480. Saybrook's non-residential Masters and PhD programs allow students to design their own degree in psychology with an emphasis on parapsychology. Parapsychologist Stanley Krippner teaches there.

Pima Community College Tucson, AZ. This offers a undergraduate level beginning parapsychology course under parapsychologist William Everist. Given the school's proximity to Tombstone, students may have the opportunity to be involved in some haunting investigations. The course description can be read at

University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland (UK). The Koestler Parapsychology Unit, which is part of the Psychology Department, grants a PhD in psychology with a concentration in parapsychology. This residential program is unique for providing an accredited program in traditional psychology with emphasis in parapsychology. Parapsychologist Caroline Watt is currently a senior lecturer there, and courses on the psychology of magic and psychic fraud are also taught by Peter Lamont.

University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England (UK). The Parrott-Warrick Research Unit within the Department of Psychology, explores topics in parapsychology. There are currently a few graduate students pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Richard Wiseman.

University of Gothenburg, Sweden. This offers a doctoral program that is mainly a dissertation (there is course work but this is in the general area of methodology, research design, and statistics, with a few additional courses, which reflect the candidate's area of interest). Parapsychologist Adrian Parker offers doctoral supervision in the areas of altered states and parapsychology.

The School of Metaphysics offers a kind of in-depth education in many related fields, here are three Web Sites to look at for more information:

The Center for Research on Consciousness and Anomalous Psychology (CERCAP) at Lund University, consists of a group of researchers and associates dedicated to the scientific study of unusual (but not pathological) experiences and events, including purported parapsychological phenomena. They endorse research using many different methodologies, and are open to a variety of perspectives in this area, as long as they are informed and respectful. CERCAP's aim is to continue developing multidisciplinary, national, and international collaborations, and train undergraduate and graduate students in a supportive environment. Currently there is an advanced undergraduate course on Altered States of Consciousness and Parapsychology, and doctoral study possibilities for exceptional students wanting to work under the supervision of parapsychologist Etzel Cardeña on the themes of CERCAP. You can learn more about this on her webpage at

University of the Utrecht in the Netherlands, offers some coursework in parapsychology under the direction of Prof. Dick Bierman, through the Department of Psychology. Prof. Bierman also holds a special Chair of Consciousness Studies there.


The Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Inc. has two online courses (a certificate
course and an advanced certificate course in parapsychology), which are now available to the public. They are taught by parapsychologist Lance Storm.

The Hypnotherapy Institute (HCH) , Lafayette, CA. It offers a certificate course on parapsychological studies with approved CE credit for MFTs, LCSWs, and RNs. The classes on ESP, mind-matter interaction, and survival are taught by parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach. Classes are offered by telephone and as mp3 files (some material is also available on CD-ROM). They can be taken individually or together as the complete 60 hour course for a fee of $1,000 (including texts).