About ISSSEEMThe International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) is an interdisciplinary organization for the study of the basic sciences and medical and therapeutic applications of subtle energies. The Society was organized in the fall of 1989 and is a non-profit public benefit corporation based in Colorado with a current membership of 1,450. Modest membership contributions support a central office in Arvada, Colorado, which serves as the ISSSEEM membership services and publications center, providing opportunity for information exchange and networking.

ISSSEEM was organized for the purpose of improving human health and welfare through the advancement of education, practice, training, and research in the emerging field of subtle energies and energy medicine by (a) increasing the knowledge of the membership about the fields of subtle energies and energy medicine via meetings, educational programs, publications, and special interest groups; (b) improving applications of subtle energies and energy medicine through high standards of professional practice, peer review, ethics, and education; (c) promoting Independent Exploration Groups; and (d) disseminating information to the public about subtle energies and energy medicine.

It includes all energetic and informational interactions resulting from self-regulation or brought about through other energy couplings to mind and body. In addition to various therapeutic energies which we may use, there are also energy pulses from the environment which influence humans and animals in a variety of ways. For instance, low level changes in magnetic, electric, electromagnetic, acoustic, and gravitational fields often have profound effects on both biology and psychology. In addition to energies originating in the environment, it has been documented that humans are capable of generating and controlling subtle not-yet-measurable energies that seem to influence both physiologic and physical mechanisms.

Compared with "energy medicine," the concept of subtle energies is more difficult to discuss in a scientific paradigm.
The traditional subtle energies referred to as chi (or ki), prana, etheric energy, fohat, orgone, odic force, mana, homeopathic resonance, etc., are said to move in the so-called etheric body (subtle body), and seem to be difficult to measure at present. A number of therapeutic methods prevalent today, however, appear to be concerned with facilitating the flow of these subtle energies through the dense physical body.

It is traditionally accepted that expansions of consciousness often are related to changes in subtle energies that cannot be quantified. These latter "energies," which are said to be associated with interactions and with transcendence, may not, in fact, actually be involved with known physical fields.

Understanding and facilitating the use of subtle energies, both for therapeutic purposes and for the study of human potential, will perhaps open up to consciousness new (albeit traditional) depths of the human mind. If this should indeed be the case, one test of the Society will be to find and bring together those who are capable of synthesizing the two major interests of humankind, Natural Science and the transpersonal aspects of the human psyche. In modern jargon, this might include, though not be limited to, full integration of left cortex and right cortex with deeper brain centers.

ISSSEEM, attempts to study and consider all concepts related to subtle energies and energy medicine.
ISSSEEM as an organization supports the scientific enterprise of recognizing traditional knowledge about subtle energies and the healing process, painstakingly gathered over centuries, and bringing that knowledge together with post-modern scientific method and inquiry. Experimentalists, clinicians, and theoreticians from many countries, have told us of their interest in the study of human capacities and the role of consciousness in Nature. Yet many also report a sense of isolation, a sense that one person can make little difference, and the need for like-minded colleagues. ISSSEEM provides a vehicle to help this integration. We hope in ISSSEEM to build bridges, linking paradigms for clinicians and scientists. Through carefully prepared conferences, a quality Magazine, Bridges, and a peer-reviewed Journal,Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, The Society serves its membership and strives to stimulate research and reasoned discussion in the larger scientific community.