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Forty-one years ago, on January 31, 1971, Apollo 14 left Cape Kennedy Space Center with astronauts Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa, and IONS founder Edgar Mitchell on board. As reported at, "When the Command Module Kitty Hawk splashed down in the South Pacific on February 9, the world changed, but not for a reason anyone other than Ed Mitchell could realize at the time." This deeply researched and wide-ranging article focuses not on the flight of Apollo 14 and its many achievements but on the evolution of Mitchell's thinking and cosmology and his enduring impact on the study of consciousness. His first book, Psychic Exploration: A Challenge to Science, was a seminal call for a new science of humanity. [To read an excerpt, go here.] Dr. Mitchell was—and still is—a visionary, and we at IONS are honored to be associated with him.

Noetic Now

We feature an eclectic mix of articles in this new issue of Noetic Now, with a return to some of our most popular topics (meditation, healing, and energy medicine) and the latest writing from one of our favorite thinkers.

New Features

  Hands-On Miracles: More Questions than Answers
by William F. Bengston, PhD, with Dean Radin, PhD

No one was more surprised than Bengston when he inadvertently discovered the healing power of his hands. It inspired him to develop a technique that is as remarkable for its effectiveness as for the elusiveness of why it works.

Meditating at Work: A New Approach to Managing Overload

by Wendy Woods

Major corporations are finally giving in: whatever meditation’s woo-woo persona, it's finding more and more converts and slowly revolutionizing the workplace.

The Healing Power of Stories and Consciousness
by Leigh Fortson

Given months to live, Fortson decided to meet the challenge with courage, commitment, and a spiritual fire. And she found plenty of others doing much of the same—all of them with a story of survival.

Book Excerpt
Meditations of a Buddhist Skeptic
by B. Alan Wallace, PhD

Wallace, an eminent scholar renown for bridging the oppositional worlds of scientific materialism and Eastern spirituality, calls on both scientists and contemplatives to use their skills of inquiry and analysis to revolutionize the mind sciences.


Interesting Discussions and Posts

News@IONS / Membership

"Noetic Film Experience"
Early Registration Discount Ends February 13!

The final two films have been added to our impressive lineup of transformative movies, and it will be the first public showing for both:

  • 2012: The Beginning, a brand new documentary that examines what the original Mayan texts really said.
  • The Joy of Sox, another new documentary about the science of collective intention set against the drama of professional sports.

With a stellar program of ten unique films, IONS' first Noetic Film Experience will have something for everyone. Join us March 9–11, 2012, at the IONS EarthRise Retreat Center in Petaluma, CA, for this intimate event. Attendance is limited to 100 people, so don't delay! Go here to register or for more information. To be a sponsor and support this special gathering, contact Matthew Gilbert at

New Telecourse with Rick Hanson

IONS' next eight–week telecourse begins March 14 with "Taking in the Good," a powerful transformational program with neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, PhD, author of the bestselling Buddha's Brain and Just One Thing. Learn practical tools grounded in the latest neuroscience to help you change your brain and change your life! Registration is now open; click here for more information. The course is $95 for IONS members and $235 for nonmembers (you can join now for as low as $35!); low income rates are also available.

Noetic Sciences in Italy!

Join IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin and Director of Research Cassandra Vieten in breathtaking Tuscany. Participants will gather in a small group setting at a gorgeous 500-year-old restored villa near Lucca to learn about the frontiers of consciousness research and practice. Classes meet from 9am to 1pm; afternoons and evenings are free to embrace the Tuscan countryside. Enjoy delicious food and wine and two optional walking tours. Twenty (20) Continuing Education (CE) credits are available for medical and health professionals. Early bird rate ends March 15. Learn more.

IONS Membership Survey

Every couple of years we survey our members about their experience of membership and other issues that relate to the work that IONS is doing. There have been significant changes over the last few years, and IONS is soon to celebrate its 40th year at the frontiers of consciousness research. It's a critical time for the Institute, and your input is important to us. We'll be sending it by email in a few weeks, so stay tuned…

A Call for Proposals on "Gratitude"

University of California—Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center is pleased to announce a $5.9 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation to undertake a three-year project on "Expanding the Science and Practice of Gratitude." In collaboration with Dr. Robert Emmons from UC Davis, this project seeks to expand the scientific understanding of gratitude, promote research-based practices in institutions like schools and hospitals, and engage the public in a wide-reaching cultural conversation about the role of gratitude in civil society. The first component focuses on the impact of gratitude on health and well-being, developmental science, and social relationships, and proposals are now being solicited. The deadline for Letters of Intent is February 15, 2012 at 5pm PT. An overview of the project is here; the RFP link is here; instructions for applicants can be found here.

Featured Partners

  Being Human 2012
The Science of Human Experience

March 24, 2012 – Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Everyday, fresh insights from all fields of science shed new light on the processes of human experience—the how of feeling, thinking, and believing—and invite us to redefine who we are as human beings. If you're interested in exploring new territories around human processes such as how we perceive and 'make sense' of the world and how we relate to others and ourselves, join us for this landmark gathering. Pioneers on the frontier of human understanding will guide us on this exciting exploration: David Eagleman, Paul Ekman, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jane Hirshfield, and more...


  LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS magazine, in its 24th year, has been called "the most spiritual magazine on the market"—John Allen. Each quarterly issue offers outstanding transformational articles, wisdom to inspire your path and practices for meditation, healing and conscious living.

SPECIAL OFFER: 1 YEAR $9.99 Order Here...
use order code: IONS241


  SAND 2012 Europe
May 29th to June 3rd 2012

Doorn, The Netherlands

The Science and Nonduality Conference (SAND) Europe is a five-day event with two days of pre-conference workshops and three days of plenary and concurrent sessions. It will be held at the Zonheuvel conference center and the historic Maarten Maartens Castle in Doorn, beautifully situated in the woods of the National Utrecht Park. This year’s lineup includes Tim Freake, John Hagelin, Menas Kafatos, David Peat, Karl Renz, Elisabet Sahtouris, Rupert Spira, Susan Blackmore, Peter Fenner, and many more. For more information, visit Early registration ends February 15.

Join the celebration!
(Re)Discover who you really are.


  HAPPY People = HAPPY World
Let's unite for World Happy Day!

On February 11, 2012, thousands of people will come together in communities around the globe to experience the award-winning film, HAPPY, and begin their journeys toward healthier and happier lives. Be part of this global event! Now is our chance to see and share HAPPY and spread happiness. Screenings have been set up in a number of theaters and venues throughout the world. To find a screening near you, go to Check out the message from the Academy Award Nominated Director of HAPPY, Roko Belic. For further details, go to A happier world begins with you.


  Spirituality and Psychology Conference
February 17–19, 2012
Menlo College, Atherton, CA

Whether you're a scholar, clinician, student, practitioner, or simply interested in the intersection of psychology and spirituality and mind-body-spirit integration, you'll find something of value at this year's conference:

  • Choose one track or move between three: Spiritually-oriented Psychotherapy; Spirituality, Psychology & Culture; or Spirituality: Research & Theory
  • CE opportunities for PhDs, MFTs, LCSWs, and RNs
  • Information and help getting published (Editor's lunch on Sunday)
  • Meditation, yoga, music, drumming, and chanting
  • Keynotes include Roger Walsh, MD; Shauna Shapiro, PhD; Robert Frager, PhD; Jeanne Achterberg, PhD

Discounts are available for ITP alumni, faculty, ATP / AHP members, and all students.

Only three weeks left to register! Click here for more information.


  HOPE: Healing Our People & Earth

A world shift is speeding up and it needs all of us at this crucial moment of potential global breakthrough. Understanding the higher purpose behind and beyond the turmoil of these momentous times empowers each of us to answer the call of destiny and play our unique role in making a difference.

  • Why is the Shift happening now and what does it mean for each and every one of us?
  • How do we heal and release past traumas and fear-based behaviors?
  • How can we discover our own higher purpose and how to embody it in our lives?

This online course starts February 11. Join host Jude Currivan and guest Marilyn Schlitz as they explore this bigger picture and what you can do to make a difference—the first of a four-part series with Ervin Laszlo and Jim Garrison.

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