Internationnal Academy of Consciousness

The history of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC)

The origins of the IAC date back to 1981 with the milestone foundation of the Center for Continuous Consciousness (CCC), the world's first conscientiological organisation - dedicated to the study of the consciousness. A brainchild of Dr. Waldo Vieira, MD, the CCC was founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. CCC work was based upon an alliance of a group of individuals with a shared interest in researching the out-of-body experience as well as other psychic phenomena.

Dedicated to experimental research, the group worked to deepen understanding of bioenergies, psychic awareness, the out-of-body experience, and interaction with non-physical beings. Periodically, these findings and ideas were structured into conferences which were conducted free across the whole of Brazil with the purpose of assisting individuals with an interest in the subjects.

Around this time, the book 'Projectiology' – an impressive tome providing a comprehensive view of experiences beyond the body and which today forms the basis of the science of projectiology – was being written by Dr. Vieira.

Increased demand for classes and the structured presentations and seminars provided by the Center for Continuous Consciousness led to a natural process of growth and it was exactly seven years later – in January of 1988 – that the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC) was founded by leading members of the CCC as its replacement. At that time, IIPC was called IIP for International Institute of Projectiology.

The IIPC provided an improved structure under which research and dissemination could continue and in 1994 the IIPC began to expand its activities overseas. To date, the IIPC has assisted over 130,000 individuals through its events, providing information and the opportunity for deeper understanding of multidimensional reality.

The success of the IIPC activities and the deepened knowledge amassed inspired in 1995 the construction of the Center for Higher Studies of Consciousness (CHSC), a dedicated research complex located in Iguassu Falls, Brazil.

The CHSC proved successful and continues to provide a variety of unique facilities today, including a series of themed multi-dimensional laboratories that provide optimized environments for self-research by facilitating a variety of psychic phenomena. The ample opportunities afforded by CHSC’s laboratories has attracted individuals from around the world, and has ultimately given rise to the construction of a similar research center in Europe – the IAC.

Then, in October of 2000, a group of IIPC volunteers founded the International Academy of Conscientiology (IAC) in Portugal, with the purpose of furthering the research on Conscientiology and Projectiology as well as providing with facilities and opportunities similar to those found at CHSC in Brazil. The conception of this European conscientiological research base also aimed at serving as a focal point for formal academic research in fields related to consciousness.

The following two years, the IAC focused on developing a number of innovative courses and workshops and conducting a series of research projects. During this early period of its history, IAC also acquired an area of land in Portugal’s Alentejo region and construction of the research campus began. Development is ongoing.

Subsequently, a strategic alliance between IIPC and IAC was formed aiming at the decentralization of the administration of the IIPC international offices. Then, in 19 of May 2002, the direction of the IIPC non-Brazilian offices were transferred to the European based IAC, which encompassed then the educational and research activities performed by the offices located in Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, and the United States.

Wagner Alegretti, who has been a leading researcher of conscientiology and projectiology since 1982, is currently the president of IAC. Alegretti was a pivotal member of the CCC and a charter member of the IIPC where he served as executive director between 1989 and 1994.

At present, the IAC offers a number of curricular and extracurricular courses as well as workshops, debates, forums, and seminars in numerous cities around the world.

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