A Gift To The Rhine Center

From The Rhine Center:
It has been a few months since the Alex Tanous Foundation provided the generous donation to the Rhine to help to build our resources and promote the educational opportunities that we sponsor.  In those months, we have utilized the funds to upgrade our library computer system, sponsor an upcoming event with Larry Dossey, and provide a partial scholarship to a student taking parapsychology classes in the Rhine Education Center.  The coming months will provide additional opportunities or us to utilize these funds for expanding current research work and to continue to enhance the technology that supports our library system.
In appreciation for this generous contribution, we have posted a panel providing recognition of the Tanous Foundation on the front page of our website and on many associated pages related to the contribution.  You can see the notice at www.rhine.org, and there are links from this notice to each of the individual pages that also recognize the Tanous Foundation as supporters of Rhine initiatives.

I am grateful for the support that was provided to us, and I look forward to any future collaborative efforts that we may be able to accommodate between the Rhine and the Alex Tanous Foundation.  Thank you again Alice and please extend my appreciation to the Board of Directors.
John G. Kruth
Executive Director
Rhine Research Center
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