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Conscious Living Workshops
Come with an Open Mind. Leave with an Open Heart.


  The Secrets of Great Relationships: A Workshop for Individuals and Couples
Charlie and Linda Bloom
August 17–19, 2012

Develop interpersonal skills through exercises, dialogue, and group work in the areas of conflict management, embracing the shadow, cultivating resilience, and honoring differences. For individuals and couples alike.

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  Integral Health and Human Flourishing
Elliott Dacher, MD
August 17–19, 2012

Engage your extraordinary state of well being–your enduring and authentic serenity, happiness, wisdom, and freedom–with Elliott Dacher as he shares his knowledge and experience in integrative, mindful practices that provide a deeply satisfying way to live a flourishing life.

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  Horses, Somatics, and Spirit: An Equine-Guided Program in Conscious Living
Beverley Kane, MD, and Ariana Strozzi, MSC
August 24–26, 2012

Come experience your physical body, its subtle energies, and its role in intentional living through interactions with these magnificent animals.

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Just Write


  Just Write: A Seasonal Writers' Retreat
Cathy Coleman, PhD
August 31–September 2, 2012

Just write, away from home, away from work, away from usual distractions. Enjoy single occupancy rooms with desks—with time in nature and community at your discretion.

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  Personal Retreat Weekend
August 31–September 2, 2012

For all of you who have been requesting an EarthRise weekend of R & R and quiet reflection with no plans other than quiet walks, exceptional food, and a dip in the hot tub—now is the time. Join us for this weekend of personal time to reflect in nature and be supported by the uncomplicated life at EarthRise.

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Jill Purce


  Healing Voice Workshop with Jill Purce: The Transformative Power of Sound
Jill Purce
September 7–9, 2012

What happens when you merge the power of the soul with the sound of your voice? Liberate your voice, your heart, and your mind in an uplifting exploration. Discover and understand the power your voice has to free you.

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Lucid Drum


  Hand Drummers Retreat: Interconnecting with Sacred Rhythms
Jason K. Norris
September 14–16, 2012

Hand drummers unite! Join us in nature and sacred space as we explore interconnectedness through rhythm, look at the field of rhythm psychology and the science of entrainment, awaken our own secret rhythms, and deepen our understanding of hand drumming as a path to the mystical, psychic, and healing dimensions.

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path on hill


  Vision Quest: Journey to Self through Connection with Nature
Nancy Feehan
September 21–23, 2012

Every Vision Quest is an act of courage and recommitment to a life-affirming path. This weekend retreat offers a unique opportunity to spend 2 nights on the land, experiencing a centuries-old ritual of self discovery and renewal.

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  The More We Get Together: The Sexual and Spiritual Language of Love
Robert McDowell
October 5–7, 2012

Discover life-changing truths and joyful, winning strategies that evoke deep love and adoration in the relationships we most cherish as McDowell guides with meditation, deep listening, and playful, collaborative writing in this workshop with fellow relationship travelers.

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  Soul Memoir: Where Your Outer Life Meets Your Inner World
Roger Housden
October 19–21, 2012

Write your story with soul memoir using the raw material of your life story to reveal the deeper intelligence of your inner journey. It helps you to write in a way that clarifies your present, your future, and your past. Through a variety of exercises, you are encouraged to reach down into the events of your life and find the deeper layers of wisdom and healing that may lie within them.

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Hosted Programs with Open Enrollments


  The Power of Embodied Presence: Inhabiting Yourself, Your Subtle Body, and Your Life
John Welwood, PhD
July 13–15, 2012

The great challenge in our busy world is to stay connected with ourselves. This intensive retreat addresses this challenge through helping you to develop greater presence in body, speech, and mind and to connect with your felt experience in a fully embodied way.

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  Pellowah Healing Technique: Enlightenment Modality that Shifts Consciousness Originating from Australia
Linda Benn
July 16–17, 2012

Pellowah is an angelic word for "a radical shift in consciousness." The purpose of this healing is to empower you, increasing your personal capacity for positive change to achieve your highest potential.

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  The Path of Love: Know and Live Your Divinely Guided Life
Robert Ibrahim Jaffe, MD, MD(H), Maxine Salima Adelstein MEd, DD, John Wadude Laird, MD
September 20–23, 2012

This powerful four-day experiential retreat/workshop is specifically intended for people who are ready to step into their highest potential and possibility for their work, relationships, health, and spiritual development. Receive from three masterful Sufi healers and faculty of USHS.

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  The Art of Soul: Alchemy and the Transformation of the Heart
Kayleen Asbo
October 6, 2012

In this workshop, we'll explore the alchemical pathways through the writings of medieval alchemists and the pscyhologist Carl Jung—as well as see how the pathway is reflected in art, music, and movies. The labyrinth will serve as our grounding for this work.

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  Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator Training
Master Teacher Kayleen Asbo
October 7–8, 2012

This is a two day professional training, preparing you to offer the labyrinth experience to others in various settings and with different groups.

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  Creative Memories
Felicia Schonborn-Young
October 12–14, 2012

Let's Celebrate and Preserve Your Memories into Treasured Keepsakes. Your Life, Your Story, Your Way—I'll show you how with top quality photo albums & Organizing Products.

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  Peace In Process: Living the Rhythms of Interconnectedness
Helen Boland, CHT, Claudia Holt, and Jason K. Norris
October 12–14, 2012

Join us for a weekend dedicated to the peaceful connection of mind, body, and nature. Awaken to the healing wisdom of rhythm and learn how to authentically flow...

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EarthRise Events


  Full Moon Drumming Circles
Jason K. Norris, Lucid Drum
5:30–7:00 PM

Come celebrate the Full Moon at EarthRise with Lucid Drum! No musical experience is necessary, and all ages and levels of development are encouraged to participate. Bring your own drum and intentions for the Full Moon! Instruments will also be provided. Donation: $15–$20. Outdoors. Rain may cancel.

Tuesday, July 3
Wednesday, August 1
Friday, August 31
Saturday, September 29
Monday, October 29

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  Full Moon Labyrinth Walks
7:00–8:00 PM

Veriditas, in partnership with IONS EarthRise Retreat Center, is offering Full Moon Labyrinth Walks. There is no cost for this hour-long event. Rain cancels. RSVP.

Tuesday, July 3
Wednesday, August 1
Friday, August 31
Saturday, September 29
Monday, October 29

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IONS Events


  IONS Lecture Series at Aqus Café, Petaluma
Tuesday Evenings, 7:30–9:30 PM

July 17
Open Your Heart: Transform Your Health and Life Through Qigong

Mingtong Gu

August 21
The Wisdom Teachings of Ancient and Modern Mystery Schools: An Overview

Deborah Jones

September 18
A Low Faith Model of the Soul

Ransom W. Stephens

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