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  Science and the Sacred
Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe—a spirit vastly superior to that of man.
~ Albert Einstein

Biochemist Sondra Barrett's life and work is a fascinating journey and discovery that our cells, as the containers of life, are sacred. Her microscopic photography reveals cellular and molecular structures of magnificent beauty with parallels between shape and function. (Pictured above: creatine phosphate stores energy in muscles and cells; the structure of caffeine is jagged; the image of LSD is psychedelic). Her explorations integrate practical applications of ancient tradition with modern science, mandalas with DNA, and a remarkable connection of science, spirit, and the potential to heal.

Explore Barrett's discoveries with her in Secrets of Your Cells, Aug 23–25, as she shows how you can influence your cellular intelligence and healing by thoughts, sound, energy, the senses, and movement—and how the two worlds of science and the sacred reside within each of us.

Conscious Living Workshops
Come with an Open Mind. Leave with an Open Heart.

  Secrets of Your Cells: Science and the Sacred
Sondra Barrett, PhD
August 23–25

Through a powerful synthesis of biomedical science and ancient wisdom traditions, biochemist and "cellular shaman" Dr. Sondra Barrett offers practical strategies our cells have for healing and thriving. Discover how cells communicate, how thoughts and tensions influence cellular expression, and learn to access your own cell powers to make a difference in your life. More...


  Personal Retreat Weekends

Reflect in nature and be supported by the uncomplicated life at EarthRise, with no plans other than quiet walks, exceptional food, and a dip in the hot tub. Now is the time.

August 23–25
September 13–15

October 25–27

November 22–24

Jill Purce


  Healing Voice – Liberation through the Ecstasy of Chant: Healing Our Soul with the Sound of our Voice
Jill Purce
September 6–8

Liberate your voice, your heart, and your mind in an uplifting exploration of breathing, chanting, mantra and sonic meditations, and sacred chants. Discover and understand the power your voice has to free you. More...


  Horses, Somatics, and Spirit: An Equine-Guided Program in Conscious Living
Beverley Kane, MD, and Ariana Strozzi, MSC
September 13–15

Rekindle playfulness and feelings of peace and wellbeing with horses—the consummate teachers of somatics. This workshop draws upon the physical and metaphysical nature of the horse, as well as breathing and movement practices from tai chi, Vipassana meditation, Jacobsen progressive relaxation, and natural horsemanship to connect with horses and with our whole and greater selves. More...


  Money as a Spiritual Asset: Conscious Earning, Spending, and Investing
Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson
September 20–22

Explore the nature of money with visionary leaders Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson—how money is a sacred trust, how to transform your issues around it, and how to develop sustainable financial habits for abundance and doing more good in the world through soul inspired work and conscious investing. More...


  Music on the Edge of Change: A Film Immersion Weekend
Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT, and Special Guests
September 27–29

Explore the role of sound and image as powerful tools for the expression and evolution of Science and Spirituality, Culture and Consciousness. This exceptional film experience showcases international documentaries, cutting edge films and film clips on music, performances, and devotional chanting. Join Silvia Nakkach—as she shares her rare archive of films on music—and special guests in this magical exploration of film, interludes of improvisational music and sound healing, panel discussions, walks in nature, and community gathered together for delicious and nourishing meals. More...


  Awakening Creativity: At Play with Watercolor and Fluid Acrylic Paints
Carol Duchamp
October 4–6

By incorporating movement meditation and poetry, we awaken our art spirits and enable heartfelt expression to pour out onto the surface of our paper. Connect with your inner artist, enjoy imaginative approaches to image making, and nurture the creation of a personal, visual language. Relax, express, and enjoy both studio and plein air painting time. The magic of the natural setting and spirit of place are sure to enchant and inspire beginners, teachers, therapists, parents, caregivers, art lovers, spiritual practitioners, and artists seeking a fresh start. More...


  IONS Community Group Retreat
October 25–27

Calling all IONS Community Group Members from around the world to meet and retreat together at IONS' EarthRise Center. The weekend will include IONS research and education updates, an optional sweat lodge, a world café, a Masked Ball and Talent Show, and an experiential afternoon. Stay for the weekend, or add an extra day and stay through Monday. To support this "coming together" event, EarthRise is offering a 50% reduction in fees to IONS Group Members. More...


  Psyche and Nature: Exploring Inner and Outer Landscapes
Jan Edl Stein
November 15–17

What is the relationship between psyche and nature; healing, nature, and the web of life? Explore the inner and outer landscapes of psyche from an eco-psychology perspective that engages meditation, active imagining, and land-based experiences, as Holos Institute director Jan Edl Stein teaches how to integrate these practices into clinical psychology and other healing modalities. More...


  Entheogens Film Immersion Weekend
HopeDance Films
Ralph Metzner, PhD, and special guests
November 22–24

Immerse yourself in a weekend filled with extraordinary films and conversations—current and emerging films on the healing qualities of entheogens, and discussions about entheogenic, visionary, psychedelic plants and substances. More...

Hosted Programs with Open Enrollments

  Recreating the Past and Patterning the Future
Jean Houston, PhD
August 16–18

One of the most provocative and evocative processes that Dr. Houston has evolved is the capacity to move back in time to influence significant events in your life, and move forward in your life, bringing with you a pattern for what you vision creating. More...


  The Inner Outer Adventure
James Foulkes, Karen Gifford, Ellen Tynan
September 27–29

The Inner Outer Adventure is a weekend filled with outdoor experience, inner exploration and enjoyment. We will be hiking, meditating, doing movement practices like qi gong and yoga all in a beautiful northern California setting. More...


  Weekend of Outstanding Women: Where are your photos now?
Felicia Schonborn
September 27–29

We all have photos of family, trips, and special events in draws, on computers, and phones. Let's get them into your life. More...


  Birthing Your Soul's Calling Retreat: A Women's Initiatory Journey Into a Greater Than Imagined Life
The Shift Network
October 4–7

We invite you into an initiatory journey where you are begin to invoke and evoke the greater than imagined possibilities for your life. Whether you are still in a process of discerning your soul gifts or wanting an opportunity to deepen and design this next chapter, this retreat is designed to help you expand who you are BEING and also map the course what what you want to be DOING in the world. More...


  Path of Forgiveness Women's Retreat
Eileen Barker
October 11–13

Immerse yourself in the healing energy of forgiveness with the nurturing support and guidance of other women. Come with your greatest challenges and frustrations, and leave with more love, connection, and inner peace than you may have thought possible. More...


  The Wonder Method Retreat
October 20–25

An immersion in The Wonder Method exploring energy healing, emotional unwinding, and conscious awakening. Explore the boundaries of what you believe is possible and surpass them. More...

EarthRise Community Events

  Full Moon Drumming Circles
Jason K. Norris, Lucid Drum
5:30–7:00 PM

Come celebrate the Full Moon at EarthRise with Lucid Drum! No musical experience is necessary. All ages and levels of development are encouraged to participate. Bring your own drum and intentions for the Full Moon! Instruments will also be provided. Donation: $15–$20.

Tuesday, August 20
Thursday, September 19

Friday, October 18


  Full Moon Labyrinth Walks
7:00–8:00 PM

Veriditas, in partnership with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and the EarthRise Retreat Center, will be offering a Full Moon Labyrinth Walk each month on or near the evening of the full moon. There is no cost for this hour-long event, but donations are gratefully accepted. First time walkers are welcome. Rain cancels. RSVP.

Tuesday, August 20
Thursday, September 19

Friday, October 18


  Wisdom Healing Qigong Weekly Classes
Nancy Malloy and Eli Cohen, The Chi Center
Every Wednesday (1:15–2:15 PM)

On Wednesdays, 1:15–2:15 PM, continuing weekly, experience the profound benefits of this ancient wellness practice. The gentle energy movements are easy to learn and can be done by anyone. Open to everyone.

August 21, 28

  Science Buzz Café at Aqus in Petaluma
First Tuesdays of the month hosted by Daniel Osmer
6–9 PM • program at 7 PM • $5

Sponsors: Aqus Café, EarthRise at IONS

September 3
The Women of Science Series: Conversations with Bacteria

Philip Harriman, PhD, Bonnie Bassler, PhD

October 1
History of Perpetual Motion Machines

Craig Van Horn

November 5
Cellular Science and the Imagination

Sondra Barrett, PhD

December 3
Quantum Biology & Consciousness

Charles (Einstein) Ostman

Potluck dinners with presentations at EarthRise Center, arranged by Sergio Lub

  GMOs: The Militarization of Agriculture and the Primacy of Biodiversity
Dr. Vandana Shiva
Tuesday, September 10 (4:00–6:00 PM)

Friendly Favors presentation by one of our most passionate scientists against the introduction of Genetic Modified Organisms in our biosphere. No potluck. Please RSVP...


  Good Morning, Beautiful Business: The Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepreneur and Local Economy Pioneer
Judy Wicks
Tuesday, October 8 (6:00–9:00 PM)

Friendly Favors potluck dinner followed with a presentation by the Philadelphia entrepreneur that co-founded BALLE, a network of 30,000 local independent businesses in 80 communities across North America. Please RSVP...


  Publishing as a Community Dedicated to Creating a World That Works for All
Steven Piersanti
Thursday, November 21 (6:00–9:00 PM)

Friendly Favors potluck dinner followed with a presentation by the Founder and President of Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., offering a candid view of the challenges operating a values-based business in a competitive marketplace, and the opportunities waiting ahead. Please RSVP...

Art Exhibit

  The Crater Project:
Your Presence Makes My Heart Grow Stronger

Works by Elizabeth Addison
Exhibit: August 11–November 1

The Crater Project is a series of vibrant monoprints, paintings, sculptures and multi-media works by Berkeley artist, Elizabeth Addison. In this germinal artistic investigation, Addison examines a life-changing dream and a journey to its actual counterpart in a real-life impact crater. Within The Crater Project, Addison explores the nexus of art and science and, specifically, how the creative process illuminates science and vice versa. The project includes extensive research about terrestrial impact craters as a correlate the artist's fascination with evidence of the unseen. More...

Artwork available for purchase in the EarthRise Bookstore

Featured Partner

  Being Human Conference 2013

September 28th (9:00am – 5:00pm)
Nourse Theater, San Francisco, CA

Participate in a daylong exploration of human nature in the light of cutting edge science, philosophy, and evolution.

Disciplines such as cognitive neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, genetics, anthropology, and philosophy are delivering fascinating new findings which have the potential to radically remake the way we see ourselves. Based on these scientific insights, a more comprehensive view of human nature is now emerging.
More information & registration


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