Dreams, Symbols & Psychic Power


(Used) Tanous, Alex and Gray, Timothy, Bantam Books, 1990. Your dreams can light the way to positive changes in your life... Have you ever dreamed you were falling...flying...floating...fishing? Have you ever wondered if a particular dream was a warning, a premonition, even an out-of-body experience? Now Dr. Alex Tanous, one of America's most respected psychics, reveals the powerful workshop techniques he's employed to help thousands remember, analyze, and use their dreams to: reveal valuable information confront and conquer repressed feelings raise self-esteem solve personal problems release untapped psychic and spiritual energy reduce stress and susceptibility to disease uncover new reserves of love and courage Fascinating, clear, and easy to follow, Dr. Tanous' methods are illustrated through dream examples that were obtained firsthand in workshops, interviews, and therapy sessions. These dreams are presented in a series of workshop exercises designed to increase your ability to interpret your own dreams. DREAMS ,SYMBOLS & PSYCHIC POWER is an amazing guide to dream exploration that lets you harness the miracle of dreams..to communicate more directly with your subconscious, to free your psychic abilities, and to promote happiness and peace of mind.

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