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Rick Bouchard, LCSW,

psychotherapist in private practice, has several immediate openings for new clients in his Portland-based office.  

He currently works with Rick Bouchard 2007
adolescents and adults offering
individual, family, and
couple's work, as well as, Jungian analysis as an analyst-in-training.
Rick is now offering an ongoing
Dream Group and continues to offer workshops on the steps necessary to starting and maintaining a lucrative clinical private practice, as well as, individual consultation regarding going into/being in private practice and ongoing individual clinical supervision.

For more information on any of these opportunities, please call or write.

And, please feel free to pass the word! 

SPECIALTIES:  Family therapy, parenting, divorce, blended families, foster care/adoption, termination of parental rights and reunification, adolescent issues including adolescents entering into independent and/or semi-independent living, work-related conflicts and stress, depression, anxiety/OCD, loss/death/dying/grief, HIV/AIDS, as well as sexual orientation, gender, transgender and transsexual issues.

SYMBOLIC MODALITIES:  When appropriate, he offers sandplay as a means of engaging clients on a symbolic and non-verbal level and integrates dream work, tarot, bibliotherapy, writing/journaling, & other symbolic modalities for those who are called to it.

OTHER EXPERIENCE:  Rick has twenty-eight years of experience in the field of substance abuse and chemical dependency.  Additionally, he offers Employee Assistance through select EAP programs and offers consultation to local social service agencies on specific issues and client populations.   He also has experience working with those with developmental delays.


DEEP WORK:  Rick is a DEEP provider (Driver Education and Evaluation Programs) and provides substance abuse evaluations and treatment that meet DEEP requirements.




There are also a few openings in the Tuesday Evening Dream Group  

scheduled to resume on Dream Catcher September 4, 2012.  Please write or call for further information. 



Potential referrals can be made by either calling Rick directly or by giving the dreamer this contact information who can call for a phone interview and to schedule a meet-n-greet and discuss the group further.    

PAYMENT :  Rick is able to accept clients with MaineCare, Medicare, commercial insurance, and those who are self-pay.  He also offers a sliding fee scale to ensure that services are as accessible as possible to the community. He also recently added the option of using the Hour Exchange Program as a means of payment for individual, couples, family and the dream group. 


OTHER:  Rick is currently in Stage Two of the Analyst Training Program at the C.G. Jung Institute, Boston, Massachusetts. (See below for more details)*.

* Jungian Analysis:  Rick is a Diploma Candidate in Stage Two of the Analyst Training Program at the C.G. Jung Institute, Boston.   Click here: C.G. Jung Institute Boston  

A rich mixture of dream interpretation, mythology, fairy tales, anthropology, spirituality/religion, literature and the arts weaves the tapestry of an individual's work with the Jungian analyst. The analyst's knowledge in each of these areas, combined with personal experience and imagination, facilitates the analysand's efforts to find meaning in their symptoms and personal journey. If the analyst and analysand's efforts are to succeed, a deep understanding of the symbolic language and imagery of the unconscious is essential.

During Stage Two of this training program, C.G. Jungthe Analyst-in-Training
works with a minimum number of individuals to inform their training.  For those interested in a deeper, longer-term exploration of the unconscious, psyche, and soul, Jungian analysis is available. 
An ongoing, closed Jungian-informed dream group is also available to those called to group dream work (an e-brochure is available upon request).