Clinical Approaches to Exceptional Experiences


A conference co-sponsored by the Rhine Research Center and University of West Georgia Psychology Department

March 9 & 10, 2012
Durham, North Carolina 

Friday 9th March
5:00 pm -7:00 pm Welcome Reception

Saturday 10th March.
7.30 am Registration opens
8.45 am Welcoming remarks
There will be 8 speakers, including our  keynote Dr. Martina Belz from the IGPP in Germany, and one panel discussion session. There will be two scheduled coffee breaks and one lunch break during the day. The conference will close at 6:00 pm.

The conference is of particular relevance to those who have an interest in exceptional experiences, those who are working with (or planning to work with) people who have experienced distressing exceptional experiences those who are currently working as clinicians, social workers and nurses (etc.) researchers into exceptional experiences, and those who may want to further understand their own exceptional experiences. CEU credits will be available. More Information

The aims of the conference are to:

1. Present examples of the varieties of exceptional experiences
2. Increase awareness of the growing area of “clinical parapsychology” and the current state of play of this field (particularly in the USA)
3. Draw attention to the fact that people have exceptional experiences (including subjective paranormal experiences) and that these can be experienced as distressing.
4. Highlight that exceptional experiences should not automatically be labeled as “pathological” as they can sometimes be associated with mental health and human potential
5. Highlight that there are clinical and counseling practices that can help to assimilate psychic experiences and sometimes allow for personal growth/transformation
6. Engender discussion of a variety of clinical approaches to exceptional experiences.



Speakers bios
Topics range from: discussing the types of experiences that people have, normal explanations for distressing experiences (e.g., those which are sleep related), the history of clinical approaches to exceptional experiences, various clinical approaches toward distressing exceptional experiences, insights from practicing clinicians and those who have had exceptional experiences.


Location and Accommodations

The conference proper will be held in the Millennium Hotel located at 2800 Campus Walk Ave. Durham, NC 27705.
Room rates for the conference will be $89 per night (this is a special Rhine Conference rate).
Room and Accommodations will not be included in general registration, attendees will be responsible for contacting the hotel to reserve a room. 


You can pre-sign up for a box lunch during registration, which will be provided at the Rhine Research Center.
For questions please feel free to email the official Conference email address at